A Bitter Bandwagon Habs Fan’s TSM: Smashville

Take note, Eastern Conference, THIS is how you play a low scoring playoff game.

Hopefully, Nashville/Anaheim continues to be far more interesting than the snooze fest that is the Eastern Conference final...

First Period

  • Ahh, I see the Johansen vs Kesler chatter is starting early today. :D
  • Nashville coming out hot to start the game.
  • So much yellow...
  • Ellis just dumped the puck in from the wrong side of the blue line, and then beat out the icing call. Impressive.
  • Oof that hit on Zolnierczyk did not look fun.
  • Fortunately for Anaheim, the Preds power play was not that scary looking.
  • This game is nowhere as exciting as the last Preds/Ducks game, but it is absolutely riveting in comparison to every Sens/Pens game so far.
  • Good grief. Shots are 17-9 for Nashville!/

Second Period

  • That was a nice little save by Gibson on Forsberg.
  • P.K. looks so good in yellow, and it hurts my soul.
  • Corey Perry is definitely going to score now that they’ve mentioned him being quiet.
  • Oh boy. I hope Arvidsson is ok. That was a nasty move by Manson.
  • Anaheim might want to get more shots on Rinne...and buy Gibson dinner after this.
  • GOAL!
  • Or not. Boo. (Or yay, depending on your perspective.)
  • HAHAHAHAH That was the Ducks’ second shot of the period. It’s more than half way through the frame. That’s not good.
  • Aaaaand things are getting nasty again. Poor Zolnierczyk is having a rough night.
  • ...how did Anaheim end up on the power play on that??
  • Oh. Instigator.
  • GOAAALLLLL FOR REAL THIS TIME. From the birthday boy, too!/
  • Remember that thing about Perry from earlier? Oh Rinne. That was Not. Good.
  • HAHAHA Boll got the last laugh in the penalty box!!/
  • This is so Anaheim though. Get outshot to all hell, and then score anyway. Because of course.
  • Oh lovely. Gibby got run into by his own guy.
  • Well, that was a dumb penalty to take./

Third Period

  • Noooooooooo. Darn you Forsberg for being so good at hockey.
  • Vatanen....you pushed him into your goalie. Why. WHY./
  • Vatanen trying very hard to redeem himself on the next shift.
  • Oh no....Gibby be ok...please be ok...
  • But also what a pretty play by P.K.
  • ARE THEY TRYING TO KILL GIBSON????? (The answer is no, but I still resent it.)
  • Please do not go to extra time...I just want to go make my mac and cheese...
  • That was a very bad penalty, Anaheim. This is not what I had in mind when I said please do not go to extra time.
  • UHHHGGG That was very not what I meant, Anaheim.
  • (But oh boy, Roman Josi is good.)/
  • The way the in-arena announcer said Arvidsson’s name makes him sound like a pirate. Aaarrrrrrrvidson! it’s great.
  • Nashville wins 2-1!/

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