EOTP's NHL Playoff Bracket Challenge

Join the 2016 NHL playoff bracket challenge for EOTP members and readers!

The Montreal Canadiens may not be participating in the playoffs this year, but since we're all still hockey fans, we figured it might be fun to have a little competition going on. With the absence of the Habs, making a bracket should be considerably easier for Habs fans, since the bias towards our beloved club is removed.

If you'd like, you can join our 2016 NHL Playoff Bracket Challenge by following that link, and using the league's password, which is simply "EOTP." Spots are limited, so get yours while you can! The Bracket closes tonight when game one starts, so make your selections as quickly as possible!

We really hope that this can provide some fun for our readers during the playoffs, since we'll mostly be focusing on our season reviews, and of course draft targets.

Best of luck, and we will endeavour to keep everyone posted on the results as the playoffs progress!

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