NHL Free Agent Frenzy Live Thread

You guys seemed to really like the live thread for the draft, so we'll do it again for the first day of free agency.

Unlike with the live thread on the draft, I won't be updating all the goings on in the actual blog post, although I'm sure we'll talk about them plenty in the comments. The actual blog updates will be reserved for signings by the Montreal Canadiens. SB Nation News will likely also throw up some news stories if the Habs end up landing a big name player.

Happy Canada Day to you all!

Free Agent Signings

Colby Armstrong signed to a 1 year deal for $1M

Francis Bouillon signed to 1 year deal for $1.5 million>

Brandon Prust signed to a four-year deal at $10 million ($3,$2.5,$2.5,$2)

What should Marc Bergevin be most focused on today?

Adding a top 6 left winger for Plekanec191
Adding a top 4 defenseman to ease the load on Emelin25
Adding a 4th line center for Moen and White9
Screw free agents, sign Price and Subban already!102

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