Vegas Mock Expansion Drafts Roundup: No consensus among predicted Habs selections

The Habs have several enticing options, so who is headed to the desert after the draft?

The Vegas expansion draft is upon us, meaning that teams are guaranteed to lose one player from their roster this evening. Whether that player is a long-time veteran, or an upcoming prospect varies from team to team.

This is especially true in the case of the Montreal Canadiens who could say goodbye to one of their two long time players in Tomas Plekanec, or Alexei Emelin. There’s also the chance that their top prospect in Charles Hudon, or underrated defender Brandon Davidson heads to Nevada.

There’s no real consensus among sports writers, so we compiled a list of mock expansion drafts to see who leads the pack.

Brandon Davidson:

Charles Hudon:

Tomas Plekanec

Alexei Emelin

Alex Radulov

EOTP Picks:

  • Nathan - Charles Hudon
  • Jon - Charles Hudon
  • Scott - Charles Hudon
  • Patrik - Charles Hudon
  • Justin - Charles Hudon
  • Aruny - Charles Hudon
  • Dave - Charles Hudon
  • Ian - Charles Hudon
  • Cara - Tomas Plekanec
  • Marc - Brandon Davidson/

It’s clear from the mock drafts we collected that the media thinks Vegas and George McPhee should lean towards the youthful options available in Montreal. Five writers believe that Brandon Davidson would be the best course of action for the Golden Knights. Six think that Charles Hudon’s AHL scoring prowess is the best option available, while five leaned towards the veteran stalwart centre Plekanec. Despite the rumours that he has the eye of McPhee, Alexei Emelin was only selected in two mock drafts.

Obviously the Canadiens have several enticing options for Vegas, including younger players who weren’t selected in the mock drafts. Players like Jacob de la Rose or Daniel Carr, while not as high profile, could come on cheap deals and fill in depth roles on the newest NHL franchise. As of right now Montreal is not rumoured to be involved in any protection deals with Vegas, even if it might be in their best interest.

A few writers opined that Alex Radulov may be the preferred target, despite his lack of a contract. The vast majority of the EOTP staff thinks Hudon would make the best option for Vegas, whereas Cara stuck with the centre, and Marc picked the defender.

The mock drafts go out the window when the Golden Knights begin making their selections during the NHL awards show, which takes place at 8 PM ET.

Which player should the Vegas Knights select?

Brandon Davidson142
Charles Hudon322
Tomas Plekanec493
Alexei Emelin312
Alex Radulov55
Other (explain in comments)11

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