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NHL Draft

Houses news from multiple draft years

Montreal Canadiens sign Joshua Roy to three-year contract

One of the QMJHL’s top scorers gets his first professional contract.

Jordan Harris signed to entry-level contract

After a long wait, the defenceman is on his way to Montreal.

CHL/NHL prospects game thread & players to watch

Forty of the top draft-eligible prospects in the CHL will take the ice tonight in Kitchener.

Brett Kulak traded to the Edmonton Oilers for William Lagesson, draft picks

The Oilers get in on the action with a puck-moving defenceman.

Ben Chiarot traded to the Florida Panthers for Ty Smilanic, 2023 first-round pick, and more

The Montreal Canadiens have dealt the defenceman to a division rival.

Montreal Canadiens trade Tyler Toffoli to the Calgary Flames

The first trade domino has fallen, as trade deadline approaches.

Boom and bust: 20 years of Trevor Timmins

Trevor Timmins certainly built a reputation as a scouting and drafting guru during the first half of his Montreal tenure. How much did he live up to it in the second half?

Canadiens acquire Christian Dvorak for 2022 first & 2024 second

Montreal makes a move to cover the loss of Phillip Danault.

Jesperi Kotkaniemi’s offer sheet won’t be matched by the Montreal Canadiens

Kotkaniemi will become a member of the Carolina Hurricanes on the one-year deal.

Logan Mailloux’s selection is more proof that hockey is not for everyone

With an ongoing investigation in Chicago that no one in the organization can recall anything about, the Canadiens added another black mark to the top league’s reputation.

Getting to know Canadiens #214 pick Joe Vrbetic

The goaltender’s selection is all about projection after a lost season.

Getting to know Canadiens #191 pick Xavier Simoneau

The Canadiens are hoping lightning strikes twice.

Getting to know Canadiens #150 pick Joshua Roy

A shifty center from the QMJHL will be joining the Canadiens organization.

Getting to know Canadiens #142 pick Daniil Sobolev

The Russian defenceman may just be a diamond in the rough.

Getting to know Canadiens #113 pick William Trudeau

Trudeau has plenty of the skills of a two-way defender, but lacks the skating to tie those elements together.

Getting to know Canadiens #87 selection Dmitri Kostenko

The Habs went back to the well of Russian defencemen with their fourth pick of the draft.

Getting to know #64 pick Oliver Kapanen

A dynamic offensive forward with some fixable flaws. Have the Habs landed a potential steal in the draft?

Getting to know 63rd overall pick Riley Kidney

A smart, skilled centre from the QMJHL joins the Canadiens’ prospect pool.

2021 NHL Draft: Canadiens trade the 223rd pick to the Arizona Coyotes for a 2022 7th-rounder

Once more, the Canadiens have deferred to next year’s draft on home soil.

Canadiens select Joe Vrbetic with 214th pick

The Habs add a goalie late in the draft.

Canadiens select Xavier Simoneau at 191st overall

Montreal went back to the QMJHL for their sixth-round pick.

2021 NHL Draft: The Montreal Canadiens select Joshua Roy with 150th pick

The Habs went to their own backyard to find another scoring forward.

Canadiens select Daniil Sobolev with 142nd pick

Montreal has added another Russian defender to the prospect pool.

2021 NHL Draft: Canadiens trade the 126th and 127th picks

The Habs have once again elected to punt a pick into 2022, also adding some later selections this year in a separate trade.

2021 NHL Draft: The Montreal Canadiens select William Trudeau with 113th pick

Montreal adds another defenceman with the first of three fourth-round picks.

Canadiens select Dmitri Kostenko with 87th pick

The Canadiens have added a well-rounded Russian defender to their prospect pool in the third round.

2021 NHL Draft: Canadiens trade the 76th pick to Anaheim for a 2022 third-rounder

The Habs have decided to punt their third-rounder into a stronger draft class.

Canadiens select Oliver Kapanen with the 64th pick

The Canadiens add a skilled Finn with their second of back-to-back picks.

Canadiens select Riley Kidney with 63rd pick

Montreal adds a skilled centre from the Q with their first second-pick in the draft.

The Canadiens turned their back on everything they used to stand for

The decision to draft Logan Mailloux shows a lack of respect for the fanbase.

The Canadiens’ selection of Logan Mailloux is indefensible

Appalling doesn’t even begin to cover the Canadiens’ decision on Friday night.

NHL Draft: Best players available on day two

There is still some value to be had on the draft’s second day.


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