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The Montreal Canadiens now know the positions of their 12 2020 draft picks

Now that the second round is complete, the Habs can make concrete plans for the upcoming off-season.

2019 NHL Draft - Round 2-7 Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images

With the New York Islanders’ shutout victory over the Philadelphia Flyers, the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs is now complete, and draft positioning is now final for all the teams that have been eliminated thus far. As a result, the Montreal Canadiens’ selections are all known for the 12 picks they currently hold.

We’ve known since Montreal was eliminated that they would be selecting 16th in each round with their assigned selections. One development since their final game on August 21 was the forfeiture of a second-round pick by the Arizona Coyotes, punishment for holding a scouting combine illegally. As a result, every pick from 49th down moves up one spot, meaning the 2020 NHL Draft will only see 216 players selected rather than the usual 217. The Coyotes also give up a 2021 first in the judgment.

The Habs hold six picks in the top 100, and three in quick succession in the second round. It’s possible some of these picks will be used to acquire pieces for the NHL roster, and we’ll see how that all plays out over the next month before the 2020 Draft is held, which is tentatively scheduled for October 6.