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2020 NHL Entry Draft: Preview, start time, TV schedule, and how to watch

There are a lot of great prospects and a lot of teams needing to shed some salary. It should be an interesting night.

Trevor MacMillan / LHJMQ

The Montreal Canadiens are no stranger to heading into the NHL Draft with a double-digit number of picks. They’ve outdone themselves this year, holding 11 picks on the morning before the first round of a virtual event gets under way.

How many of those picks Marc Bergevin actually uses on new prospects remains to be seen. There are a lot of young players in the system already, so stockpiling isn’t as critical as it has been for the past two years. It’s also true that he amassed many of these 2020 picks expecting the draft to be held at his home venue in Montreal, and could very well decide to move as many picks to next year as possible, hoping to be the major player in the next full, in-person draft.

The Habs won’t be the only ones making moves. Not only is it a stacked opening round of strong prospects that teams will be fighting over, but the pandemic has reduced budgets around the league, and contracts need to be shifted around to meet official, or internal, salary caps ahead of the 2020-21 season.

Bergevin is on record saying he’s willing to part with the 16th overall pick if one of those established players who needs to be moved fits into the plan for his NHL roster. Montreal hasn’t made such a move since 2008, always making a first-round pick in the years since (the organization did trade up in 2010 to select Jarred Tinordi), so it would be a significant departure from their usual plan. We should expect to see a lot of that in this unique NHL off-season.

How to watch

Round 1

Date: Tuesday, October 6
Start time: 7:00 PM EDT / 4:00 PM PDT
TV Channel: Sportsnet, TVA Sports (Canada), NBCSN (USA)
Online stream: Sportsnet Now

Rounds 2-7

Date: Wednesday, October 7
Start time: 11:30 AM EDT / 8:30 AM PDT
TV Channel: Sportsnet One (Canada), NHL Network (USA)
Online stream: Sportsnet Now

First round order

  1. New York Rangers *
  2. Los Angeles Kings **
  3. Ottawa Senators (via San Jose Sharks ***)
  4. Detroit Red Wings
  5. Ottawa Senators
  6. Anaheim Ducks
  7. New Jersey Devils
  8. Buffalo Sabres
  9. Minnesota Wild
  10. Winnipeg Jets
  11. Nashville Predators
  12. Florida Panthers
  13. Carolina Hurricanes (via Toronto Maple Leafs)
  14. Edmonton Oilers
  15. Toronto Maple Leafs (via Pittsburgh Penguins)
  16. Montreal Canadiens
  17. Chicago Blackhawks
  18. New Jersey Devils (via Arizona Coyotes)
  19. Calgary Flames
  20. New Jersey Devils (via Vancouver Canucks by way of Tampa Bay Lightning)
  21. Columbus Blue Jackets
  22. New York Rangers (via Carolina Hurricanes)
  23. Philadelphia Flyers
  24. Washington Capitals
  25. Colorado Avalanche
  26. St. Louis Blues
  27. Anaheim Ducks (via Boston Bruins)
  28. Ottawa Senators (via New York Islanders)
  29. Vegas Golden Knights
  30. Dallas Stars
  31. San Jose Sharks (via Tampa Bay Lightning)

* won Phase 2 draft lottery
** won 2nd Lottery Draw in Phase 1
*** won 3rd Lottery Draw in Phase 1