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Canadiens select Kaiden Guhle with 16th overall pick

The Habs add a defenceman in the first round for the first time since 2016.

2020 NHL Draft: The Montreal Canadiens select Luke Tuch at 47th overall

Montreal adds a big winger from the US Development Program to start their day.

2020 NHL Draft: The Montreal Canadiens select Jan Mysak at 48th overall

The forward had a first-round grade in our Consensus Rankings.

Getting to know 16th overall pick Kaiden Guhle

Montreal bolstered its defence corps with a solid WHL defenceman in the opening round.

Montreal Canadiens sign Kaiden Guhle to entry-level contract

The Canadiens lock up their 2020 first-round pick.

Meet your 2020 Montreal Canadiens Draft Class

Say hello to the newest members of the Habs organization.

2020 NHL Draft

Getting to know 47th overall pick Luke Tuch

Montreal elected to take a big left winger from the US development program with their first pick of the second round.

Getting to know Canadiens 48th overall pick Jan Myšák

The Canadiens draft a Czech player for the first time since Daniel Pribyl in 2011.

Canadiens trade down from 56th to 123rd, adding a second-rounder for 2021

Montreal has moved quite a ways down from their third second-round spot in the draft.

Canadiens trade the 97th overall pick to San Jose for 2021 third-round pick

Canadiens select Jack Smith at 101st overall

The Canadiens once again turn to the Minnesota high school system for a collegiate prospect.

Getting to know Canadiens 101st overall selection Jack Smith

Montreal went off the board and selected a Minnesota high-schooler in the fourth round.

Canadiens select Blake Biondi at 108th overall

Montreal adds another high school centre to their draft class.

Getting to know Canadiens 108th overall selection Blake Biondi

Bound for Minnesota-Duluth this season, what makes Blake Biondi tick?

Canadiens select Sean Farrell at 123rd overall

The Canadiens finish round four off with another centre heading the college route.

Getting to know Canadiens 123rd overall selection Sean Farrell

The Habs added a shifty playmaker at the end of the fourth round.

Canadiens select Jakub Dobes at 135th overall

A new goalie joins the Canadiens prospect pool in round five.

Getting to know Canadiens 135th overall selection Jakub Dobeš

The goaltender is committed to Ohio State.

Canadiens select Alexander Gordin at 170th overall

The Canadiens look to Russia in the sixth round to add a high-scoring MHL winger.

Getting to know Montreal Canadiens 170th overall selection Alexander Gordin

In the final round of the Draft, the Canadiens selected one of the best MHL forwards of last season.

Canadiens trade 187th overall pick for 2021 7th-rounder

For their final selection of the draft, the Habs once again elected to trade it into 2021.

2020 NHL Entry Draft: Day Two discussion thread

The 31 teams try to keep track of six rounds of selections in day two of the virtual draft.

2020 NHL Entry Draft: Discussion thread

There are a lot of great prospects and a lot of teams needing to shed some salary. It should be an interesting night.

EOTP’s 2020 NHL Draft Rankings

We used 12 sources to come up with an ultimate ranking of the prospects.

2020 Mock Draft: Canadiens select Mavrik Bourque at 16th

Montreal adds a smart shooter in SB Nation’s annual mock draft.

Montreal Canadiens sign Sean Farrell to entry-level contract

The NCAA star will start his professional career.

Montreal Canadiens sign Jan Myšàk to entry-level contract

The youngster is the second 2020 pick to be signed.

In justifying his team’s record on Quebec players, Timmins undermined his own work

The Habs’ assistant general manager let his feelings be known on how they view Quebec-based talent, but gave critics another morsel to latch onto.

NHL Draft: Best players available on day two

There is still some value to be had on the draft’s second day.

Live updates: First round NHL Entry Draft selections

Here’s the draft order, and which player each team selected, updated in real time.

Potential late-round draft targets of the Canadiens

We know all about the players who could be targeted with the first-round pick. What about the 10 other selections?

Draft profile: Ozzy Wiesblatt combines feisty play with offensive creativity

The young winger will be an interesting option if he falls out of the first round.

The Canadiens select...: Forwards projected in the Habs’ range

There will be a forward with top-six potential on the board when Montreal comes up at 16. Which one should they take?

Draft profile: Brendan Brisson’s skill and smarts makes him a potential top centre

In a hockey family, Brendan is quickly making a name for himself.

Draft profile: Marat Khusnutdinov could will his way to an NHL roster

A relentless attacker, can the shifty Russian boost his play to the next level?

Habsent Minded: “The Russian Draft Factor,” with Gillian Kemmerer

On the latest episode of the podcast, we turn to an expert on Russian hockey to discuss the top draft picks from Russia.

Draft profile: Michael Benning can provide bang-for-buck value on day two

Carter Savoie’s best bud is less bust but could provide a suitor with just as much boom.

The Canadiens select...: Defencemen projected in the Habs’ range

Expected to miss out on the two top-end blue-liners, will the Canadiens look a bit deeper for a defenceman?