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The Canadiens select Cole Caufield with 15th overall pick

The Canadiens managed to land the top goal-scorer at the midpoint of the opening round.

The Canadiens select Jayden Struble at 46th overall

Round Two is off and running with the Canadiens selecting a defender from the United States.

The Canadiens select Mattias Norlinder at 64th overall

The Canadiens went back to defence with the 64th overall pick.

Getting to know 15th overall pick Cole Caufield

The 72-goal star is a Montreal Canadiens prospect.

[Video] The player the Montreal Canadiens acquired in Cole Caufield

Just in case you forgot the Habs landed the top goal-scorer in the draft class.

Cole Caufield signs his entry-level contract

The goal-scorer has ended his collegiate career and now begins his professional journey.

2019 NHL Draft

Grading the 2019 Montreal Canadiens draft class

Evaluating each of the 10 picks the Habs made in Vancouver.

A recent history of the 15th overall pick at the NHL Draft

A mixed bag of results makes up the history of the 15th overall selection.

Getting to know 46th overall pick Jayden Struble

The defenceman was taken by the Canadiens in the second round.

Canadiens trade down from 50th to acquire picks #64 and #126

The Montreal Canadiens trade the seocnd of their two second-round picks.

Getting to know 64th overall pick Mattias Norlinder

The Canadiens picked up another defenceman during round three

2019 NHL Entry Draft: The Canadiens select Gianni Fairbrother at 77th overall

Montreal continues to load up on defence in round three.

Getting to know 77th overall pick Gianni Fairbrother

The defenceman was taken by the Canadiens with their second third round selection.

Canadiens trade 108th pick in 2019 for a fourth in 2020

The Montreal Canadiens add some value for the 2020 draft.

The Canadiens select Jacob LeGuerrier at 126th overall

The fourth straight defenceman on day two for the team.

Getting to know 126th overall pick Jacob LeGuerrier

The Habs add a 6’3" defenceman from the OHL at the start of the fifth round.

The Canadiens select Rhett Pitlick at 131st overall

After a long run on defence, Montreal grabbed a winger from the United States.

Getting to know 131st overall pick Rhett Pitlick

The Canadiens continue their trend of adding prospects with top-level skating skills.

Canadiens trade 136th pick in 2019 for a fifth in 2020

The Montreal Canadiens trade the 136th overall pick for another pick in 2020.

The Canadiens select goalie Frederik Nissen Dichow at 138th overall

Montreal surprises with a goalie pick in the fifth round.

Getting to know 138th overall pick Frederik Nissen Dichow

The goaltender was taken by the Canadiens with their second fifth round selection.

The Canadiens select Arsen Khisamutdinov at 170th overall

A big Russian is the newest member of the Canadiens.

What earned Arsen Khisamutdinov, a 21-year-old MHLer, a sixth-round selection?

An invite to the Canadiens’ European combine, the club liked what the Russian had to offer.

Montreal Canadiens sign Arsen Khisamutdinov to entry-level contract

The 2019 sixth-round pick will make his North American debut.

The Canadiens trade up to select Rafael Harvey-Pinard at 201st overall

The Canadiens add a seventh-round pick to select a player from the Q.

Getting to know Canadiens 201st overall pick Rafael Harvey-Pinard

The Canadiens make a trade to select a QMJHL prospect.

Montreal selects Kieran Ruscheinski at 206th overall

Montreal ends their day by drafting a giant from Alberta.

2019 NHL Draft: Evaluating the trades Bergevin made on Day Two

The general manager made a few moves on the weekend, but how do they look in retrospect?

The Canadiens may be changing the way we think about the draft before our eyes

While we’re still thinking about chess, are the Canadiens playing checkers?

EOTP’s 2019 NHL Draft Rankings

We used 14 sources to come up with an ultimate ranking of the prospects.

David St-Louis’s 2019 NHL Draft Rankings

A list of the top 62 skaters for this year’s draft, according to our prospect analyst.

Montreal Canadiens sign Jayden Struble to entry-level contract

The 2019 second round pick is turning pro after four years in the NCAA.

Montreal Canadiens sign Mattias Norlinder to entry-level contract

The contract begins in 2021-22.

Montreal Canadiens sign Rafaël Harvey-Pinard to entry-level contract

The forward earned the NHL contract with his play in the AHL.

Rafaël Harvey-Pinard signs contract with Laval Rocket

Hard work and consistent effort pays off for skilled forward.

Coach Björn Hellkvist: Mattias Norlinder “has the whole package”

The coach of Allsvenskan’s Modo Hockey is confident in his charge’s chances of making it to the NHL.

What are Cole Caufield’s options for the 2019-20 season?

The 18-year-old first-round pick and the team have a big choice to make.

The updated Montreal Canadiens Organizational Depth Chart

The Habs added 10 more prospects to the system this weekend. This is where everyone stands.