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Al Montoya has reached his games-played condition, giving the Canadiens Edmonton’s fourth-round pick

The goaltender needed to play 30 minutes in seven games for the pick to upgrade.

NHL: San Jose Sharks at Edmonton Oilers Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Al Montoya played 30 minutes in a game for the Edmonton Oilers for a seventh time this season, meaning the condition on the fifth-round pick used to acquire him has been met, and the Montreal Canadiens will now obtain Edmonton’s fourth-round selection.

The pick gives them two picks in the fourth round, with the potential for another. The Canadiens can reclaim their own fourth-round pick from the Los Angeles Kings should L.A. make the playoffs; a condition on the pick the team exchanged for Torrey Mitchell earlier in the season.

See the full details of all of these picks, and every selection dating from 2005 to 2020, at our Organizational Depth Chart page.

As it currently stands, the Canadiens have eight picks in the first four rounds of the 2018 NHL Entry Draft, with one more pending, and five secured for the first two rounds alone.