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The Montreal Canadiens select Lukas Vejdemo with the 87th overall pick

The more Swedish players the better!

Scouting Report

Hockey Prospect

This Swedish center took a significant step forward in his development this past season. Passed over in last year draft after playing at the U18 level, this year he was probably the MVP of the U20 SuperElit.
Vedejmo has been effective in pretty much every area of the game and it will be interesting to see what kind of player he will be able to become at the senior level after an adaption period. He has good puck control and has some power to his shot, but he is not overly skilled and his projection from an offensive standpoint is far from a safe one. However, he has a few things going for him along with his size.
He is no stranger to the net, works hard, doesn’t quit on the play and doesn’t mind going into the corners to dig the puck to create opportunities. His strong two-way all around game makes him a candidate to develop into a 3rd liner that can bring some secondary scoring. He is not a flawless skater, his stride seems to have room for improvement, yet he can generate surprising power and use his skating as an asset, for example when chasing the puck. He can stickhandle through traffic, but he can be at fault for trying to do too much, sometimes taking too long shifts. Should further develop his physical game, as it will probably be needed to become the kind of player he projects to be at the next level.