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Canadiens 2015 Draft Targets: Jeremy Bracco

Today's profile focuses on a small, but ultra talented American forward.


Much like Colin White, Jeremy Bracco is a product of the U.S. National Team Development program, where he set the scoresheet ablaze this past year. Standing at 5' 9'' Bracco is not a giant on the ice, but still manages to be the most dynamic skater at most times.

He is able to get up top speed quickly and weave through defenders allowing him to create plays out of seemingly nothing. Noted more for being a playmaker, Bracco has surpassed Patrick Kane's all-time assists mark in the NTDP this past season. Bracco ended last season with 122 career assists to Kane's 88, Bracco also finished just 12 points behind Phil Kessel's all-time points record.

It's very obvious that size doesn't hamper Bracco from finding the scoresheet and that's something the Habs have long taken advantage of in the draft.

Place of Births: Freeport, NY

Shoots: Right

Position: Center/Right Wing

Height: 5'9''  Weight: 172lbs


Future Considerations

A small, but flashy and highly skilled, playmaker…tremendous skater with excellent quickness, balance on his edges and elusiveness with the puck…a quick set of hands…tough to handle when he gets going because he can elude defenders with his skating…great vision with the puck and makes tremendous passes…has a good wrist shot, but opts to be a pass-first playmaker…plays with grit and has no issue going to the net for chances.

Dobber Sports

Bracco has continued to exceed all expectations, setting scoresheets on fire with the Under-18 NTDP. Possessing a truly unique skating technique, relying on crafty edge-work and a heel-to-heel stride, Bracco is a dynamic offensive winger who competes at high speed. His ability to draw in defenders and then exploit their abandoned space is elite and speaks to his high-end vision and creativeness with the puck.


Future Considerations: 21st

Hockey Prospect:

Craig Button: 49th

Central Scouting Service, North American Skaters: 60th

ISS Hockey: 28th


My first thought is that Bracco is going to slide in the draft due to his size. My second thought is that some team is going to pick him due to this and secure a fantastic player.

As Canadiens fans know well, size does not make or break a player, and can point to Brendan Gallagher or David Desharnais as proof of this. Given that Bracco is ranked between 21st and 60th in this years draft he could fall right into the Habs' lap with ease.

More importantly though, would the Canadiens draft the offensive dynamo over a pressing need at defense? Only time will tell but it's not often a record setting forward like Bracco comes along outside the top 10.