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NHL Draft

Houses news from multiple draft years

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2020 NHL Draft

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Grading the Habs draft class

The Canadiens were pretty active this weekend, so how did they do?

The Orlov trade could create an unfavourable market for Joel Edmundson

Many of the rumours swirling around the Canadiens defenceman — despite his struggles — started with a first-rounder. Are market forces shifting away from that?

Evaluating 10 years of drafting

How good has your favorite NHL team really been in the last decade. An in depth analysis of which team has had the most success.

Skellefteå coach Robert Ohlsson talks about 2023 NHL Draft prospect Axel Sandin Pellikka

The consensus first-round pick’s coach in the SHL provides some insight into what has scouts so excited.

The myth of Habs' territorial rights

It's been a long-lived trope the success of the Montreal Canadiens was due only to them having unfair advantages gifted to them by the league, but it's time to put that myth to rest.

CHL/NHL Top Prospects Game thread

Forty of the top draft-eligible prospects in the CHL will take the ice tonight in Langley, BC.

Sam Pollock: How the Habs grabbed Guy

The story of how the Habs got Guy Lafleur in the draft is one that is quite well known. But if you are one of those who has yet to hear this story, it is one that you must be told.

Montreal Canadiens sign William Trudeau to entry-level contract

The defenceman will likely make his professional debut this season.

The importance of stockpiling draft picks

Montreal Canadiens sign Logan Mailloux to entry-level contract

The 2021 first-round pick was taken 31st overall.

History of Habs' Draft Day trades

They don't happen often, but the Habs have made some big moves on the day of the draft's first round in recent years.

Montreal Canadiens sign Owen Beck to entry-level contract

The 2022 second-round pick earns a contract with his strong camp.

This stream has:

2003 NHL Re-Draft

Revisiting the talent-rich 2003 NHL Entry Draft and re-selecting prospects using a statistical evaluation of their NHL performance to this point in their careers.

Video scouting report: Cedrick Guindon’s game under the microscope

An in-depth look at Guindon’s analytics, comparative production, and footage to break down what makes the Habs’ 127th-overall pick an interesting project.

Video scouting report: Vinzenz Rohrer’s game under the microscope

An in-depth look into Rohrer’s analytics, comparative production, and in-game footage to break down what makes him a solid pickup for the Habs at 75th overall.

Video scouting report: Adam Engström’s game under the microscope

An in-depth look into Engström’s analytics, comparative production, and in-game footage to break down what makes him a solid pick-up for the Habs at 92nd overall.

The best and worst draft pick outcomes of the Monahan trade

It’s not often that a deal involving one pick and one player requires a trade tree. This is one of those times.

Montreal Canadiens acquire Sean Monahan, first round pick

The Canadiens keep adding draft picks.

Video scouting report: Lane Hutson’s game under the microscope

A deep look into Hutson’s analytics, comparative production, and in-game footage to break down what makes him one of the steals of the 2022 NHL Draft.