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NHL Draft

Houses news from multiple draft years

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Grading the Habs draft class

The Canadiens were pretty active this weekend, so how did they do?

Draft profile: Adam Sýkora brings a lot of intensity

This hard-working, feisty winger could be an underrated option near the beginning of the second round.

Evaluating 10 years of drafting

How good has your favorite NHL team really been in the last decade. An in depth analysis of which team has had the most success.

Draft profile: Elias Salomonsson is still figuring out his game

The pieces are there, but he’s having issues putting the puzzle together.

The myth of Habs' territorial rights

It's been a long-lived trope the success of the Montreal Canadiens was due only to them having unfair advantages gifted to them by the league, but it's time to put that myth to rest.

2022 NHL Mock Draft: Canadiens select Jagger Firkus 26th overall

There will be 225 players selected in the NHL Draft, but not one of them shoots like Jagger.

Sam Pollock: How the Habs grabbed Guy

The story of how the Habs got Guy Lafleur in the draft is one that is quite well known. But if you are one of those who has yet to hear this story, it is one that you must be told.

Draft profile: Sam Rinzel is a dark horse at the end of Round One

The Minnesotan is this year’s top rated U.S. high-school player.

The importance of stockpiling draft picks

Draft profile: Jonathan Lekkerimäki is one of the draft’s best shooters

The winger has few peers in terms is his shot power, but that’s his only true ability.

History of Habs' Draft Day trades

They don't happen often, but the Habs have made some big moves on the day of the draft's first round in recent years.

Draft profile: Noah Õstlund’s offence showed up at the right time

An incredible turnaround at the end to his season put the centreman back in first-round contention.

This stream has:

2003 NHL Re-Draft

Revisiting the talent-rich 2003 NHL Entry Draft and re-selecting prospects using a statistical evaluation of their NHL performance to this point in their careers.

Draft profile: Ryan Chesley’s main qualities are in his defensive display

Is there more to the game of this development program graduate than just being a solid-floor type of prospect?

Draft profile: Filip Mešár is the prototypical high-risk, high-reward player

Can this young Slovak put all the tools at his disposal together and become a potential first-round steal?

Draft profile: Samuel Savoie brings excellent late-round value

Savoie’s name won’t be called early in the draft, but his play style should make him a fan favourite wherever he goes.

Draft profile: Is Seamus Casey’s high-wire act worth the risk?

A gifted puck-handler, is there more to the small defenceman’s game?

2022 NHL Mock Draft: Canadiens select Shane Wright first overall

There has been a lot of debate in recent weeks, but the choice at first overall is clear.

Draft profile: Is Tristan Luneau worth a first-round pick?

With the Canadiens selecting 26th overall using the Calgary Flames’ pick, we take a look at Luneau’s profile to see if he’s worth a swing in that range.


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