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Habsent Minded: Draft special with Smaht Scouting’s Josh Tessler

Josh Tessler from Smaht Scouting joins the podcast to talk about the list he and his scouting team has put together for the 2023 NHL Draft.

It is an interesting list that has Matvei Michkov at number three, and Winnipeg Ice forward Zach Benson at number five where Montreal would have the option of picking between Benson and Will Smith.

We asked Tessler the thought process of his team in regards to having Michkov above Leo Carlsson and Benson ahead of Smith.

The other interesting thing is that Smaht Scouting has Axel Sandin-Pellika a full 12 places higher than David Reinbacher, which leads to a discussion about the thought process (Spoiler alert: Upside) with that choice.

Some of Josh’s personal favourites in the draft are also mentioned; Gavin Brindley, William Whitelaw, Otto Stenberg and Tom Willander, his choice to commit to Boston University before the draft and what that means for Willander’s development.

You can find the full draft rankings from Smaht Scouting here: Smaht Scouting 2023 NHL Draft.

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