The Montreal Canadiens' history at the NHL Draft Lottery

2018 will be the ninth time the Canadiens are in the lottery.

The Montreal Canadiens have only moved up once in eight times in the NHL Draft Lottery, and they made it worth it.

That was in 2005, when all teams were entered in the lottery after the previous season was wiped out by the lockout. The Canadiens only had a 2.1% chance at top spot with only one ball in the lottery, and they used that ball to move all the way to fifth overall where they took Carey Price.

Only once have they had a better chance at the first overall pick than they do this year. That was back in 2012 when they finished third from the bottom and had a 14.2% chance. They stayed in third spot and picked Alex Galchenyuk that year.

One of the years they were in the lottery they ended up trading the selection. In 1999, they traded the 10th overall pick to the New York Islanders (which ended up being Branislav Mezei) for Trevor Linden. That trade was made after the draw.

Three Habs lottery picks were in the NHL playoffs this year: Mikhail Sergachev (2016), Ryan McDonagh (2007), and Ron Hainsey (2000).

Canadiens Draft Lottery history

20165.09 (no change)Mikhail Sergachev
201214.23 (no change)Alex Galchenyuk
20071.112 (no change)Ryan McDonagh
20052.1 (1 ball)5Carey Price
20032.110 (no change)Andrei Kostitsyn
20014.77 (no change)Mike Komisarek
20001.113 (no change)Ron Hainsey
19991.910 (no change)Traded for Trevor Linden
19952.88 (no change)Terry Ryan

The 2018 NHL Draft Lottery will be held Saturday evening.

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