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Montreal Canadiens select Daniel Audette with the 147th overall pick

Using their 2nd 5th round pick in the NHL Draft and their scouting staff has decided on Daniel Audette.

Francois Laplante/FreestylePhoto

With the 147th overall pick in the 2014 NHL Draft, the Canadiens decided to stick with tradition and draft a small, skilled forward out of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League in Daniel Audette, son of former Canadiens forward Donald Audette.

Standing at 5'9" and weighing in at 176 pounds, I can hear the scoffing of Canadiens fans and hockey fans everywhere but at this stage in the draft, betting on small and skilled is not a bad bet as was proven 4 years ago with Brendan Gallagher as some suspect, soon to be proven again with Charles Hudon.

From the Scouts:

Future Considerations: "Audette is a very nice skater, despite having a short stride as he has lightning-quick feet and good agility. He is well-balanced from his lower body and can lean into defenders to keep them off, but does get outmuscled when going against stronger defenders. He is very quick with the puck and shows great touch, even at full speed. He is electrifying with the puck on his stick and not afraid to pull a high-end deke."

Hockey Prospect: "A pretty explosive skater, Audette is easy to recognize on the ice, as he never stops skating and is in control of the puck more often than not. He is a great playmaker as he can dish out some nice saucer passes through traffic rather easily at top speed. Offensively, it's pretty tough to find a weakness in his game with the puck. He has great offensive hockey sense as he always gets in a good position to accept a pass or to take a shot at the net."