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An introduction to Habs draft profiles: The Canadiens at the 2014 NHL Draft

After an odd change of direction with their first rounder for last year, this year's pick should tell us who has Bergevin's ear in the scouting department. Who will the Habs pick? We'll show you the options.

Bruce Bennett

With the 2014 NHL draft date set for June 27th & 28th, and closing in quickly, we felt it was time to update the Habs fan community on what draft picks were owned by the Canadiens, and some potential picks that may suit the roster.

As of right now, the Montreal Canadiens own a 1st, a 3rd, a 4th, two 5ths, a 6th and a 7th round pick in the 2014 NHL draft.

By order of the draft, they hold the 26th, 86th, 116th, 125th, 146th, 176th and 206th picks in the upcoming draft.

The team gave up their 2nd-round pick in this draft by way of the Thomas Vanek deal, which is also how they acquired their 2nd 5th-round pick. There is, of course, always the potential that the Canadiens will make an attempt to acquire additional draft picks or move up within the draft.

If you have an interest in the draft and would like to study potential selections for the Canadiens, or for the league in general, there are a number of reputable scouting guides to consult. McKeen's HockeyFuture Considerations and Hockey Prospect all provide comprehensive guides with rankings and profiles of 120 or more NHL prospects.

It is worth noting this a very divisive year among the scouting groups consulting their various rankings, so this could be a very interesting draft to watch as teams could go 'off the board' quite a bit.

With the Canadiens selecting late in each round, one should be reserving expectations about the team acquiring any potential elite players in this draft. The 2014 Draft is not projected to be an exceptional by any means, therefore fans should have sober expectations of any player the Canadiens might be able to acquire with these picks. That is not to say it would be impossible for a player to fall in the draft rankings or the team to hit upon a hidden gem, as Trevor Timmins is known to hit home runs in the later rounds.

As we move closer to the draft, we will be presenting a series of draft profiles of potential 1st-round choices by the Montreal Canadiens that we have ranked as being within possible range of the Canadiens selecting when it is their turn. These prospects all have qualities that could be considered of value to the team and project into useful NHL talents.