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Throwback Thursday: Max Pacioretty demolishes Peter Mueller

Old footage from the Brick Invitational Tournament, showing that Max Pacioretty has always had a physical element to his game, plus several bonus videos of NHL stars at a young age.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Last week we took a look at footage of Brendan Gallagher's origin story, and the previous week we examined P.K. Subban's elite skills as a 10-year-old.

This time around we dug up some footage of a young Max Pacioretty absolutely lighting up Peter Mueller, back in 1998. It's worth noting that the hit was definitely illegal, seeing as you can't hit in novice hockey.

Fortunately Mueller wasn't injured.

Bonus videos from the Brick Invitational Tournament

Jonathan Toews always had slick hands

Tyler Seguin goes to the top shelf where grandma hides the cookies

Jordan Eberle has been scoring big goals since he's a kid

Just Steven Stamkos things (I.e. scoring goals)

A heck of a shot by a young Kyle Turris

Morgan Rielly's talents at a young age were already top notch

Even though Johnny Gaudreau hasn't grown much since this was filmed, he's still making goalies look bad to this day

Calgary Flames defender Dougie Hamilton has never shied away from touting his offensive talents