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Bottom Six Minutes: Thank you, goodnight

Fittingly, the BSM podcast ends as it started, with the Habs unexpectedly beating the Leafs.

Bottom Six Minutes: Farcical officiating causes game to get out of hand

An absolute clown show from the officials led to a violent third period on Thursday night.

Bottom Six Minutes: A resurgence for Evgenii Dadonov?

A two goal game could be just what the doctor ordered for the veteran.

BSM 44: Cole Caufield deserves an All-Star nod

There wasn’t a lot of scoring with two strong goaltending performances, but Cole Caufield managed to have his fingerprints on most of it.

BSM 43: Jesse Ylonen is making a strong case for more Rocket players

Ylönen has put forth two strong games worth of an audition, and more Rocket players may follow in his footsteps.

BSM 42: Is Jonathan Drouin becoming trade bait?

Drouin had arguably his best game of the year against Nashville, and more of that could put him into deadline discussions.

Prospect Minded: What is Joshua Roy’s ceiling?

After an eye-opening World Juniors, we need to talk about Joshua Roy’s ceiling.

BSM 41: At least they showed some fire

Losing is okay as long as you don’t resign yourselves to being apathetic about losing.

The Dispatch: Emil Heineman and Leksand coach Björn Hellqvist

Catching up with Coach Hellqvist and Heineman on Heineman’s progress so far this season.

BSM 40: Some of the best officiating you’ll ever see

Some of the best officiating the NHL can have allowed a great hockey game to be great on Saturday.

Prospect Minded, episode 1: Emil Heineman

Taking a look at how the prospect acquired in the Tyler Toffoli trade is faring in Sweden this season.

BSM 39: Slafkovsky’s promotion sees encouraging results

If the team can’t keep him higher in the lineup, they should send him to Laval.

BSM 38: Slafkovsky should not be on the fourth line

The decision to not send Slafkovsky to the World Juniors is even more perplexing given his NHL usage.

Habsent Minded 5.45: Previewing the World Junior Championship Quarterfinals

A look ahead at Monday’s games.

BSM 37: It can’t just be Cole Caufield

Some roster changes are needed to avoid these embarrassing blowout losses with flashes of Caufield brilliance.

Bottom Six Minutes: So... Connor Bedard?

The Canadiens lost in an ugly way to the Florida Panthers, on a night where Connor Bedard showed how real the hype is.

BSM 35: Too much dead weight

The Canadiens lose again, and we shouldn’t expect more from the group until there are changes.

BSM 33: The curious case of Jonathan Drouin

Will the Canadiens find a new home for Drouin before he becomes a free agent?

Bottom Six Minutes: Montembeault’s Christmas gift to the Canadiens

Samuel Montembeault turned in another epic performance on Monday night.

Bottom Six Minutes: Kaiden Guhle is playing well beyond his years

It is incredibly easy sometimes to forget that Kaiden Guhle is a rookie.

BSM 29: Officiating clown show in Ottawa

Kirby Dach’s arc in Wednesday’s game was a wild story of incompetent officiating.

BSM 28: Slafkovsky’s work with Adam Nicholas pays off

The new era of player development in Montreal appears to be on the right track.

BSM 27: Leave the top line alone

The decision to remove Dach from the first line was proven wrong within the first game of doing it.

BSM 26: The Wright vs. Slafkovsky debate will take years to settle

There is little use in trying to settle the debate after one game, or one goal.

BSM 25: Habs learn an important lesson in barn burner

If this team was ready to compete, a four-goal lead would have been enough to win with.

BSM 24: Keep The Sheriff in the lineup

Arber Xhekaj played one of his best games in a Habs uniform after being scratched.

BSM 23: Jake Allen commits highway robbery in Calgary

Jake Allen likely has a warrant out for his arrest in Alberta for grand larceny.

BSM 22: Shoot the damn puck

Sometimes you should take what the opposition gives you instead of making several more passes.

BSM: Dickinson’s hit on Slafkovsky should not go unpunished

The refs on the ice allowed it, and we’ll have to wait and see if the department of player safety will as well.

BSM 20: Monahan is making Kent Hughes look like a genius

Currently fourth in team scoring, Monahan’s trade deadline value seems to increase by the game.

BSM19: The power play remains a problem in Montreal

The Habs had six opportunities to make that game a little closer, and threw each of them in the trash.

Habsent Minded: Juraj Slafkovský to the World Juniors?

How should the Canadiens handle their young forward?