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Bottom Six Minutes: The Wright vs. Slafkovsky debate will take years to settle

There is little use in trying to settle the debate after one game, or one goal.

BSM 25: Habs learn an important lesson in barn burner

If this team was ready to compete, a four-goal lead would have been enough to win with.

BSM 24: Keep The Sheriff in the lineup

Arber Xhekaj played one of his best games in a Habs uniform after being scratched.

BSM 23: Jake Allen commits highway robbery in Calgary

Jake Allen likely has a warrant out for his arrest in Alberta for grand larceny.

BSM 22: Shoot the damn puck

Sometimes you should take what the opposition gives you instead of making several more passes.

BSM: Dickinson’s hit on Slafkovsky should not go unpunished

The refs on the ice allowed it, and we’ll have to wait and see if the department of player safety will as well.

BSM 20: Monahan is making Kent Hughes look like a genius

Currently fourth in team scoring, Monahan’s trade deadline value seems to increase by the game.

BSM19: The power play remains a problem in Montreal

The Habs had six opportunities to make that game a little closer, and threw each of them in the trash.

Habsent Minded: Juraj Slafkovský to the World Juniors?

How should the Canadiens handle their young forward?

The magic of Cole Caufield and Nick Suzuki

The Canadiens’ best goal scorer, and their best player, powered them to a win on Saturday.

BSM: Savard should be the one to sit for Matheson

If salaries and waiver eligibility weren’t considerations, there is one obvious candidate to be the odd man out.

BSM 16: Evgenii Dadonov is on the right track

An obvious trade block candidate for the Habs, Dadonov appears to have found his stride.

Habsent Minded 5.35: The team is greater than the sum of its parts, with Jason Paul

A deep dive into the four rookie defencemen and the hot start for Nick Suzuki.

BSM: The rebuild isn’t over, but it’s ahead of schedule

The Canadiens won’t have to wait long to compete if they continue to build around this core.

BSM 14: Kirby Dach is proving the doubters wrong

After a tough season in Chicago last year, Dach may have found his game in Montreal.

BSM 13: Jake Allen’s trade value is on the rise

Their starting goaltender’s early season performance might make him their best bargaining chip.

BSM 12: A perfect loss for the Canadiens’ rebuild

The team’s youth stepping up is worth more than two points in a rebuild year.

Bottom Six Minutes: What is goaltender interference?

A call in the Habs and Jets game on Thursday reminded us that the NHL has no idea what goaltender interference is.

The Dispatch: Catching up with Frederik Dichow

We speak with the goaltender and some experts about what he’s been learning from his time in the SHL.

BSM: Why is Chris Lee allowed to work Habs games?

Why is he allowed to work NHL games at all, for that matter?

Habsent Minded: The New Core

The young players are leading the way, and the Canadiens are having better results than expected.

BSM 9: Christian Dvorak’s hat trick was just what the doctor ordered

Christian Dvorak needed something to build on, and he found more than enough against the Blues on Saturday.

BSM 8: Put Kaiden Guhle on the power play

The rookie blueliner showed on Thursday that he has the tools to help the team’s anemic power play.

BSM7: The Canadiens’ power play needs fixing

It may not matter this season, but it will be very important for the Canadiens as they work towards the end of their rebuild.

Bottom Six Minutes: Arber Xhekaj proves he’s more than a fighter

Against Arizona, the sheriff showed his violent side. Against Dallas, he proved that he can play as well.

Bottom Six Minutes: Arber Xhekaj, the new sheriff in town

The Sheriff loomed as an imposing figure over the Habs’ big win on Thursday night, in more ways than one.

The Dispatch - Miguël Tourigny debuts in Tipos Extraliga

First impressions from his first games in Slovakia.

BSM 4: Kirby Dach is just getting started

Scoring your first Habs goal in overtime at the Bell Centre is a heck of a way to silence the critics.

Bottom Six Minutes: Jordan Harris is proving he belongs in the NHL

A silver lining in Saturday’s loss was found in the performance of Jordan Harris.

BSM 2: Jake Allen channels his inner Carey Price

The Habs would have been well out of the game in the first period if not for their goaltender

BSM1: Cole Caufield’s road to 40 goals begins

With a two-spot in the season opener, a 40-goal campaign seems well within reach.

BSM: Caufield is scoring 40 goals this season

The Habs can go 0-82 in the regular season, it won’t stop Cole Caufield from filling the net.