Morning Habs Talk

The latest Carey Price contract rumors have him turning down a seven-year $49 million deal, in favor of a longer term. Won't happen folks, but we'll put it to a poll as to what you think his deal should be.

The Habs will be back at practice this morning. In the meantime the EOTP crew will be assembling for a podcast later this evening, to discuss the past week's events and where the team is going forward.

In the meantime, a couple quick pieces to mull over your morning coffee.

Jacques Martin speaks, a month after his firing. In the story, by the same guy who opened the can of Mike Cammalleri worms, the former Canadiens coach remains confident that he had the respect of his players.

Oh so this is why he wanted out, the tax break. Oh and his Montreal condo is for sale.

Chris Boucher gives a one game report on a couple guys the Habs could pick up on draft day, and also gives his depth chart grades.

From Les Glourieux to Les Mediocres

Brian LaRose gives his review of the Canadiens past week

The Habs first cars. P.K. Subban was not included, but his car apparently, umm sputtered from time to time

How much should Carey Price's next contract be?

$3-4 million a season - short term (2-4 years)45
$5 million a season - short term31
$6 million + a season (short term)11
$3-4 million a season - long term (4+ years)35
$5 million a season - long term134
$6 million + a season- long term87

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