Morning Habs link and comments on a few old ones.

I knew all this concussion talk, debate and posting would eventually catch up with me. That said I needed to focus on non hockey projects, and had to take Thursday night off.

There were a few posts I wanted to mention and comment on, so I thought I's play a little catch-up and add one or two new ones.

First up, no Habs game on a Saturday night???!!! Nope, after splitting a pair fo back to back games, the Montreal Canadiens take Saturday off in preparation for their Sunday matchup with the Minnesota Wild.

Kristo returns: After getting caught out in the snow and suffering frostbite for his foot, Habs prospect Danny Kristo made his return to college action Friday night. He scored a goal in the University of North Dakota's 4-3 semifinal win over Colorado College in the WCHA Final Five. Kristo talked to The Grand Forks Herald on the frostbite incident, before the tournament.

We're number 11 !!! As Nigel Tufnel would say, "It's one louder, isn't it?" But it this case, pat yourself on the back Habs fans as GQ listed you #11 on their list of "Worst Sports Fans in America."

The faithful of Les Glorieux were the only hockey team to make the list. Now I don't read GQ on a regular basis, actually not at all, but maybe someone should mention to the editors that the Montreal Canadiens are in Canada, and not the country in which the story title lists. I guess a globe, or map is nowhere to be found in GQ headquarters.

Even stranger is the fact that Philadelphia Phillies and Philadelphia Eagles fans are #2 and #1 respectively. So how do they miss the Philadelphia Flyers? I guess in all the hoopla about Habs fans last spring, they forgot how Flyers fans trashed Pat Hickey's car or perhaps after the Chicago Blackhawks laid claim to the Stanley Cup.

Don Cherry, chicken?  Joe Pelletier looks at the day "Grapes" ran away from a fight.

Speaking of... I wonder how HNIC's ratings grabber will respond to Brad Marchand's two game suspension for his blindside hit on R. J Umberger? Joe Haggerty, one of the more respectable Bruins bloggers out there, has a theory on the NHL's actions towards the Boston Bruins since the Zdeno Chara/Max Pacioretty incident.

My public school class photos were never like this. gives us the behind the scenes look at putting together a team photo.

Guy weighs in: CJAD had a chance to talk to Canadiens legend Guy Lafleur, during their Canadiens Foundation radiothon Thursday. Always with an opinion,  Le Demon Blond gave his thoughts on Pacioretty's recovery (he feels he should just take the season off), the Chara hit and how the NHL handled it.

Speaking of (part two): Yours truly will be a panel guest during the six o'clock hour on CJAD's The Habs Show with Barry Morgan on Saturday evening.

So let me get this straight, the NHL claims they want to cut back on violence, and (silently) curb fighting. But as I put this together, Friday's Travis Moen - Brandon Prust tilt was highlighted as "must see" on's top headlines.

Have a Hart for Price: Every goalie has a bad night, at least one time in a season and Carey Price's came Friday against the New York Rangers. That aside, the Habs netminder is still getting a lot of chatter for not just the Vezina, but the Hart Trophy as well. Dennis Bernstein of The Fourth Period gives his case.

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