Montreal vs. New Jersey Top Six Minutes: No Sympathy from the Devils

There were some bright spots, but the Habs fell to 0-3 in the pre-season play after a loss on home ice.

Alright back to back games against Metro Division teams and...

Oh, sorry folks it looks like I’ve been given a faceoff violation penalty and slashing penalty and the game hasn’t even started yet!

First Period

  • This is a game against the Devils, in the preseason, therefore I am expecting the excitement level to hover around a solid 2 out of 10.
  • Oh, well that’s one way to start a game I guess, with a guy who is the size of a house beating Price less than a minute in.
  • Jeff Petry managed to knock the mask off a goalie, if he does it two more times I think he gets an extra life.
  • If you felt a stiff breeze during this period it’s likely due to Brett Lernout whiffing big time on an open shot.
  • Well, not much happened after the Devils opened the scoring.
  • At least Jakub Jerabek looks pretty good so far!/

Second Period

  • A quick start to the second frame is brought to a halt by an Eric Gelinas penalty.
  • Which then turns into a surefire goal being undone by an errant pass, and Torrey Mitchell almost converting a breakaway.
  • (Do more exciting things like that Habs please)
  • Eric Gelinas clearly heard my pleas for something exciting to happen!
  • That shot was an absolute bomb from the point too, Gelinas making a case to stick around a little while longer in Montreal.
  • Sooner or later Nico Hischier and Taylor Hall were going to do something, soft hands from the top pick gives the Devils the lead.
  • I don’t know if Rooney was at fault fully or not, but he still caused harm to my goalie so he’s clearly a terrible person.
  • (Please score on Keith Kinkaid Habs)/

Third Period

  • Or don’t score on the power play, it’s okay I promise I know it’s just the preseason.
  • There hasn’t been a ton happening again this period, but hey the Habs are scouting in Colorado again with Matt Duchene playing.
  • Oh Joe Morrow, continuing his trend of getting a point early in the game then doing something bad not long after.
  • What in the hell is a Jesper Bratt?
  • Oh he’s a sixth round pick apparently, and the Devils now lead 3-1.
  • And now back to back penalties!
  • Which at least there haven’t been any faceoff violation penalties tonight.
  • Habs fall to 0-3 on the preseason and I’m going to buy some cookies online to cope with this./

Highlight of the night

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