Introducing your Eyes on the Prize staff for the 2017-18 season

There are several new staff members to follow, and a few exciting new projects to experience this year.

As most of you probably read yesterday, Marc Dumont is stepping away from the site after taking on a multitude of media roles. I would like to thank him for his patience and support over the last few years as I learned the ropes. His help in learning the inner workings of the site over that time helped to get to the point where we could have a transition as seamless as the site’s current change in management has been. I, and the rest of the contributing team, have learned many lessons from Marc, and we’re very grateful for all the guidance he’s offered.

He has assembled a great group of contributors with a diverse set of skills and abilities, and this summer we have made a few more additions to the team that will cover the Montreal Canadiens and all of their affiliates and prospects. In this article, we’ll be introducing the personnel who will be bringing you complete coverage of the new hockey season.

Justin Blades — Managing Editor

The majority of my work will be behind the scenes this year as I coordinate our Canadiens coverage, deal with issues encountered by contributors as they compose their articles, and work with the editorial team to get those stories ready to publish. I  will still have time to contribute some articles throughout the year, including during the World Junior Hockey Championship, the 2018 NHL Entry Draft, and several other events that occur during the year.

Jared Book — Deputy Managing Editor

Jared will handle all the daytime managing duties during the week, which often include publishing breaking news and transactions mere minutes after they occur. He is also actively involved in just about every area that we cover, with contributions to our coverage of the Canadiens, the AHL’s Laval Rocket, and the CWHL’s Les Canadiennes, among other things.

Coverage teams

We have coverage of the all the teams in the Canadiens organization, with the focus first and foremost on the NHL club. These are the people (along with their Twitter handles) who will be providing you with lots of reading material throughout the year.

Montreal Canadiens


Andrea Rowe (@AndreaRowe_12)
Andrew Zadarnowski (@AZadarski)
Aruny Siv (@hipsterhippos)
Brad Simpson (@PucksOnTheNet)
Cara T (@HappyCaraT)
Danica (@interroboss)
David Collins (@CHdavecollins)
Hayley (@raaaleigh)
Ian Murray (@ianmcy1)
Jared Book (@jaredbook)
Jennifer B. Culter (@Jenbcutler)
Jon Lioumbas (@Jonlioumbas)
Juan A. Morales (@77JMorales)
Justin Blades (@JustinBlades)
Ken Brumberger (@Minivan_Dad)
Kyle Medeiros (@KyleMedeiros_)
Liam McKenna (@liam_mckenna)
Namiko H (@Freawaru2020)
Nathan Ni
Patrik Bexell (@Zeb_Habs)
Scott Matla (@scottmatla)
Shannon (@ShannLeah)
Shayna (@HobbitsAndHabs)
Stephen Demone (@s_demone10)

New contributors

You’ve probably already read several articles written by David St-Louis (@RinksideView), who has taken over our weekly North American prospect report, Catching The Torch, for this season. He’s also written a few video analyses of Canadiens players, most recently highlighting the drastic changes in Jonthan Drouin’s game that have him looking like a proper first-line centreman.

Julian McKenzie (@jkamckenzie) also has a few articles already posted on EOTP, including a debut article that looked at the many quality options to play defence for the Laval Rocket this season.

Our newest member, David S. Landsman (@mtlattherink), has yet to have an article published on the site, but that will be changing soon.

Laval Rocket

Andrew Zadarnowski (@AZadarski)
Jared Book (@jaredbook)
Julian McKenzie (@jkamckenzie)
Scott Matla (@scottmatla)

The Rocket team will be recapping games from the AHL club in its inaugural season in Laval. We’ll also have recap articles highlighting the key moments and performances each month.

Andrew and Manuj Grover (@manujgrover) will be keeping you up to date on the key happenings for the ECHL’s Brampton Beast throughout the season.

Les Canadiennes

Danica (@doctype_D)
Jared Book (@jaredbook)
Shanna Martin (@shannamartin25)
Shayna (@HobbitsAndHabs)

We provide complete coverage of the CWHL’s team in Montreal, with game recaps, player interviews, and more. If you haven’t been reading our conversations and features on female hockey players, you’ve been missing out on some of EOTP’s best content. Like this excellent feature on the career of Olympic goal medalist Charline Labonté, who recently retired from the game.

Editorial staff

Andrea Rowe (@AndreaRowe_12)
Ian Murray (@ianmcy1)
Jared Book (@jaredbook)
Justin Blades (@JustinBlades)
Namiko H (@Freawaru2020)
Nathan Ni

Checking each article before it gets published is a team of people working behind the scenes to ensure the quality of everything you see.

Series & events

Along with David St-Louis’ Catching The Torch series, Patrik Bexell writes a European Prospect Report recapping the performances of the overseas players each week.

Ken Brumberger breaks down the play of the Canadiens’ goaltenders in a series aptly called Eyes on the Price.

During the year we cover major hockey events like the annual World Junior Hockey Championship and the NHL Entry Draft.

We also have a few multimedia series that publish on a regular basis, with Stephen Demone’s fan-favourite webcomic A Hockey City, our first foray into video with Scott Matla’s What’s Habening, and a few audio series, with Patrik’s PuckDrop Podcast and a new addition to our lineup launching later today.

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