Canadiens vs. Lightning Top Six Minutes: Speed doesn’t always equal goals

They had a hot start and tough battle, but the Canadiens ended up on the losing end against the Lightning

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

Pre-game thoughts:

  • Ugh... Tampa./

First period

  • Is it just me, or is Gallagher looking uber fit this season?
  • RIght outta the gate, Domi lights the lamp 58 seconds in! ‘Cause that’s how he rolls!
  • Tampa is so flustered, they’re banging into each other. It’s awesome.
  • The Habs look like they’re jacked up on Red Bull for the first half of this period.
  • Benn walks right in but misfires by just a smidge.
  • Drouin also wide open and takes the shot but doesn’t find the back of the net. Yet.
  • About a half second after the power play ends, Stamkos scores ties it up. Haha, Stamkos. You couldn’t score on the power play.
  • Tampa is picking up speed and hits the crossbar.
  • And J.T Miller follows through to go top shelf on Price and take the lead.
  • What a glove save by Price! Let’s replay that again... and again.../

Second period

  • Gallagher goes in for a check and ends up over the boards and lands on the Habs bench. That’s one way to change, I suppose.
  • Kotkaniemi with a nice lob pass up the ice. Armia gets to the puck and in close to Vasilevskiy but no go.
  • Tampa gets a shorthanded shot on Price but he fools them by keeping the puck in play.
  • The big debate of the night is: Does Price play better with white or red pads? Let’s just go with awesome is awesome.
  • Two on one and Tatar lets loose a wrist shot but goes wide.
  • A blatant trip on Shaw but there’s no call. I’m guessing if it was the other way around we’d be on the PK right now.
  • Well, the refs saw the trip on Drouin so we’ll take that one. We won’t score though./

Third period

  • Who does Stamkos think he is making it a two-goal lead?
  • Petry joins Gallagher on the rush but Vasilevskiy stops that one to. Knock it off already Andrei.
  • Tampa heads to the power play again. Quick! Someone untie Stamkos’ laces.
  • Juulsen and Armia are playing pass the stick. Juulsen breaks his, Armia gives his to Juulsen and the Lightning score on the power play to make it 4-1. /

Highlight of the night

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Hey one team in the organization got a big win today

2) It seems they did not remember

1) At least one player was able to keep things rolling

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