Canadiens vs. Senators Top Six Minutes: Claude Julien gets 600th win in emotional game

Despite being victim to the worst call of the year, the Habs win their third meeting with the Senators in two weeks

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

Pre-game thoughts

  • Can’t you guys get anyone else to play with you, Sens?/

First period

  • And Peca kicks off the scoring!
  • Oh. My. God. No.
  • Price falls awkwardly thanks to Tkachuk jamming his stick in his skate as the Senators tie it up.
  • Price is out of the net trying to shake off a knee issue.
  • This is why nobody likes you Ottawa.
  • Coach’s challenge for goaltender interference but goal stands.
  • Oh, come on! If we sneeze on a goalie it’s interference. Price is taken down with a stick in his skate and it’s a good goal.
  • Gally instantly revoked.
  • Did I mention all this happened less than five minutes in?/

Second period

  • Hallelujah! Price is back in net!
  • Watch your back Tkachuk. Weber is watching you. Actually, everyone is watching you.
  • Two close chances for Byron but can’t make it past McKenna thanks to a bouncing puck.
  • Both teams must have used all of their energy in the first period.
  • Senators haven’t gotten a shot on net yet and we’re halfway through the period. That’s one way to help make sure Price’s knee stays ok.
  • Annnd the one shot they do get off goes in.
  • McKenna makes a few combination saves on Gallagher. Stop being a showoff McKenna!
  • Our power play is actually looking pretty good.
  • Well, it was until Tatar got called for interference.
  • A power play do-over leads to a kerfuffle in front of the net and ends with a Gally grin./

Third period

  • The Habs are out-shooting the Senators 28-11. And losing 2-1. Something doesn’t add up.
  • Off the post...and IN! Kotkaniemi ties it up!
  • Danault shorthanded to take the lead!
  • And it’s taken away after Lehkonen gets hooked and is getting called for embellishment.
  • I’m pretty sure Lehkonen doesn’t even know how to embellish.
  • We’ve just witnessed the worst call of the year.
  • It took four shots but Weber got the puck through to take the lead!
  • On shot number 40, Byron gets the two-goal lead! You take a goal away from us with an absurd call, and we get angry.
  • Drouin wakes up just in time to make it 5-2! /

Highlight of the night

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Always does the trick

2) And Nick Suzuki may be the king of this. Next year will be fun.

1) I hope the ref hears those boos in his sleep tonight

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