Canadiens vs. Minnesota Top Six Minutes: A Wild night in Montreal

Habs winning streak is over ... because it was that kinda game

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • So this past week has been pretty exciting.
  • Three-game winning streak for the Habs.
  • Gallagher is leading the team with 12 points.
  • Charlie is STILL undefeated in his NHL career with a 5-0-0 record.
  • And Drouin took his pants off on the bench.
  • If that doesn’t scream fun, I don’t know what does./

First period:

  • And we’re off!
  • So, no Drouin or Weber tonight. Gonna have to pull up your socks tonight boys.
  • I vote Benn picks up the slapshot slack and umm...Price takes his pants off. He’s not doing much at the moment. Who’s with me?
  • Tyler Ennis beats Lindgren but not the goalpost. Bless you goalpost.
  • Chucky quickly fights back with a swift pass to Alzner who knocks it in past Dubnyk!
  • Call is no goal. Reviewing for high stick.
  • Call on the ice stands. So it’s gonna be like that, hey?
  • On to the first power play of the night. Here we go Habs. We’re getting the hang of this thing now.
  • Torrey Mitchell looking pretty good out there. You heard me. I said Torrey Mitchell.
  • Morrow heads to the box for “tripping”. So standing near Niederreiter - who wipes out all on his own - is now considered tripping. Because it’s that kinda game.
  • Byron and Plekanec fly down the ice two-on-one but nadda.  /

Second period:

  • You realize Lindgren is up against his home team that could have signed him after the 2015 development camp, right? * Cue evil laugh *
  • With a soft feed from Byron, Gallagher almost fools Dubnyk. Almost doesn’t count.
  • Off to our second power play of the night. First one was just practice. This time we have a plan.
  • Plan was: just try your best, getting a goal doesn’t matter. Participation ribbon for everyone.
  • Off to a little four-on-four as Alzner and Zucker head to the sin bin.
  • Galchenyuk leading the team with five SOG. I smell confidence.
  • This game has been strangely even so far. Even power-plays, even penalty minutes, and pretty even shots on goal.
  • You know what we need? Not-so-even scoring. /

Third period:

  • Third period. Third power-play of the night. Time to kick it up a notch.
  • A backhanded shot by Zucker gets the Wild on the board with a shorthanded goal to break the stalemate.
  • Not exactly what I meant by not-so-even scoring.
  • Niederreiter fell down in the corner. Shouldn’t a random Hab get called for tripping?
  • Charlie came to play! There will be no more goals for you Minnesota.
  • Lindgren takes a delay of game penalty. Time for our shorthanded goal. I see what you did there Charlie.
  • Seriously? Zucker again? Screening Lindgren allows him to tap the puck in to make it 2-0.
  • Hudon ruined Dubnyk’s chances of a shutout and makes it 2-1 with five minutes left!
  • Goalie interference challenge. Spoiler alert: It was not.
  • Goal is waved off. Because it’s that kinda game.
  • You have GOT to be kidding me. Zucker with a hat-trick after an empty-netter to make it 3-0.
  • If only Jason Zucker wasn’t playing tonight./

Highlight of the night

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