Canadiens vs. Kings Top Six Minutes: Without An Answer

A day after being called out by their General Manager, the Canadiens fall 4-0 to the Kings.

First Period

  • Cammallerri?!
  • Paul Byron is fast, but Jonathan Quick, is... quicker.
  • This game has some pace!
  • Brendan Gallagher takes four cross-checks to the back and is still smiling. Wonder how many it would take to break his smile, let alone his back.
  • Uhoh, Nikita Scherbak is limping to the dressing room.
  • Habs powerplay doesn’t amount to anything but it’s okay, they’re playing well so far and need to keep pressing.
  • It’s Andrew Shaw’s 400th game - he deserves a point, right?
  • Almost a very good period for the Habs. Almost. KEMPE!!!
  • Ah now...
  • The Kings smell blood...
  • 2-0 Kings ... OR  scoreless after one period minus one minute./

Second Period

  • That’s how you respond - come out flying, and draw a penalty. Oh, and Nikita Scherback is.. back.
  • No powerplay goal, but a good start to making the two-goal comeback. And look - another powerplay!
  • Weber and Pacioretty are lining up shots like it’s happy hour, but none of them are beating Quick.
  • It’s probably frustrating for Charles Hudon to go this long without scoring a goal.
  • Jonathan Drouin rings the bell of St. Postington, the patron saint of all goalies, and clearly a fan of Jonathan Quick.
  • The Canadiens are driving the play and are back on Powerplay St. again.
  • And just like that, Jeff Petry takes  his team on a left turn and onto four-on-four avenue (I can keep this going for the rest of this post...)
  • Now it’s 3-0 LA!... That hurts. Also Scherback has left the bench and I don’t think he’ll return.
  • They are truly doing everything they can to score. It’s just not happening.
  • Well, it’s back to the dressing room, where all the answers  can be found./

Third Period

  • Don’t forget, a three-goal lead is the most dangerous lead in hockey.
  • But you know what’s even more dangerous? A four-goal lead. 4-0 Kings.
  • The Canadiens are still getting powerplays at least...
  • Another post for Drouin.
  • The crowd is booing Carey Price. My last glimmer of faith in humanity is lost in this moment.
  • The Canadiens will end up outshooting the Kings by a wide margin, but their low shooting percentage is not a normal statistical effect. It is a true anomaly caused by something also anomalous and untouchable. In other words: what in the heck?!
  • Jonathan Quick has stopped Max Pacioretty eight times tonight.
  • And that’s it. Hopefully this loss doesn’t lead to any over the top reactions... ... but feel free to vent here./

Highlight of the Night

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