Canadiens vs. Blackhawks Top Six Minutes: A humbug homecoming

Not the happy home opener we were hoping for.

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  • Sure, the Habs lost two out of their three games to start the season.
  • And sure, one of them was a flabbergasting 6-1 blowout by the Capitals.
  • But here’s the thing: It’s only game four. Drouin’s not half bad. Price is just getting warmed up. And....
  • Tonight is the Habs home opener.
  • They’ve won their last three seasons’ home openers.
  • Oh, we’re due for some fun my friends! /

First period:

  • Game on!
  • Boom! Plekanec doesn’t hesitate and opens the scoring 1:15 in! Unassisted. Pleks doesn’t need your stinking passes.
  • Pacioretty is everywhere. I’m pretty sure he’s shooting, getting the rebound, passing to himself and shooting again.
  • The speed! The shots! The frenzy! And how the Habs head to a power play! I wasn’t prepared for this.
  • And now it’s five on three for 25 seconds. Where’s my paper bag?
  • Maybe, just maybe, the Hawks know you’re going to give the puck to Weber during the power play?
  • Shaw takes a turn in the sin bin for interference when Crawford’s net gets knocked off. My call? Crawford kicked it off in a frenzy.
  • And a sweet, sweet read by Price frustrates Towes. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
  • Two minutes left and the Blackhawks tie it up. Some guy scored his first NHL goal.
  • A game of tic-tac-toe 19 seconds later makes it 2-1 for the Ha....wks.
  • But hey, those first 18 minutes were pretty fun./

Second period:

  • Put the panic button away.
  • The Habs are trying to set something up but those pesky Blackhawks keep getting in the way.
  • Alright guys. We’re halfway though and Price is the only one who’s still playing to win.
  • Oh, I see. You’re waiting until the last minute to take the lead. Give Chicago a taste of their own medicine. I can get on board with that.
  • Danault takes a seat for hooking while the Blackhawks tip it in for a two-goal lead.
  • Hear that? That’s the whirring of the blender.
  • And we’re heading to a power play. Third time’s a charm. Time to get it done boys.
  • Or...ya know...not.
  • Power play number four. Fourth times a charm?
  • Hey Habs, whatever you did before you came out for the start of the first period, do it again. /

Third period:

  • The Hawks thought they had it in the bag against the Leafs until Matthews let loose last night. Who wants to play the role of Matthews tonight? (Leafs ick factor aside)
  • Crawford is scrambling! Yes, good. Good!
  • On to the power play. Yes, good. Good!
  • Lehkonen is all over it. So close.
  • I’m not above begging...seriously, I’ll do it.
  • How Byron hasn’t found the back of the net tonight is beyond me.
  • Galchenyuk makes an appearance ringing one off the post.
  • I’m convinced Crawford rigged up an invisible force field behind him. All kinds of chances, nothing going in.
  • Price heads to the bench with just over two minutes left.
  • The Habs brought the pep in their step again during the third but pep wasn’t enough. /

Highlight of the night

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