Canadiens vs. Bruins Top Six Minutes: Third-period push not enough to complete the comeback

An even game in shots and penalties but a third period push wasn’t enough to stop the losing streak

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  • A Saturday night. Against the Boston Bruins. In Montreal. What a perfect way to put an end to this losing streak the Habs find themselves on./

First Period

  • The Bruins are all beat up. Go for the jugular!
  • A rush towards Price and a loose rebound a minute in already gets the heart racing.
  • So, we’re going to have to set up a wall in front of Price tonight. Twice already he’s been bumped by a Bruin.
  • Drouin with a nice one-timer but Rask was ready for it. Unfortunately.
  • A “wicked hard shot by Petry” (to quote Bob Cole) hits the goalpost.
  • A little four-on-four and we’re only halfway through the first. I have a sneaky suspicion this won’t be the last four-on-four we see tonight.
  • Kotkaniemi gets stripped of the puck at the blue line and the Bruin’s strike.
  • During a scrum at the front of Price’s net, up pops Drouin’s head in the middle of it like a whack-a-mole.
  • And DeBrusk makes it 2-0. /

Second period

  • Two Bruins get cozy in their box while Gally sits alone in his to start the period.
  • The Habs set up shop in the Bruins end and get five shots off in the first three minutes but, alas, none find the back of the net.
  • Acciari is on some kind of rampage, knocking Domi out of his way then Alzner.
  • While Miller takes down Drouin with a big hit behind the net.
  • We’re obviously going to have to outwit these goons fellas.
  • Domi has Wagner pinned to the ice. I’m pretty positive it’s a brotherly “say you’re sorry” kinda move. Though I could be wrong.
  • Here’s a thought: instead of racking up the penalty minutes, how about racking up the points instead?
  • I guess we’ll save that plan for the next period./

Third period

  • There’s a scramble and a Lehkonen goal! Nope. Reversed. Refs can’t make up their mind.
  • Deslauriers must have jets on his skates as he picks up the puck and takes off down the ice.
  • Fancy moves by Drouin finally solves Rask!
  • Tatar ties it up with 9:51 minutes left. Going for the dramatic effect, hey guys?
  • There’s six minutes left so you know what that means...bodies are starting to fly.
  • And Drouin takes a four minute penalty with just five minutes left. He was doing so well...
  • Shaw loses his stick and Moore gives the Bruins the lead once again.
  • Price is on the bench and there’s shots galore around Rask but no luck.
  • The Habs losing streak continues./

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