The Habs could easily trade Dale Weise

According to Darren Dreger, Marc Bergevin would have no problem moving Dale Weise if he decides to do it.

While talking about the Canadiens on TSN690 this morning, Darren Dreger had an interesting opinion on Dale Weise, and whether there would be any interest from other teams to acquire him. Dreger seems to believe that it would be an easy sell for Marc Bergevin.

Aside from the fact that his contract expires at the end of the year, Weise's value has never been more inflated. He is currently outperforming expectations, and with 13 goals on the year, he could easily be sold as a decent secondary scoring option to a team looking to make a run.

In terms of what the Canadiens could possibly get back, expectations should be tempered because of his aforementioned contract situation. It is unlikely that a given team is going to overpay for him when they may end up losing him to free agency once the season is over.

It is still interesting that Dreger seems to think league interest to be high. Considering that the Habs are falling further and further from the playoff picture, the notion of tanking has been brought up often. If Bergevin could score a good draft pick for Weise, it might not be such a bad idea at this juncture.

So it seems we should add Dale Weise as a player to watch as the trade deadline approaches.

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