Canadiens vs. Hurricanes Ten Takeaways: Charles Hudon continues to impress

The young forward once again hit the score sheet, as his bid to prove he belongs in the NHL continues

  1. Slow starts still plague the Habs

Reminiscent of year’s past, the Canadiens seem to continuously struggle with slow starts. During both the first and second period, it took just over nine minutes for the Habs to accumulate a single shot on goal. Turnovers, sloppiness, and a lack of communication makes for a nervous fan base.

2. The big wigs need to step up

This isn’t news. Coming into this game, Brendan Gallagher had zero goals in his last 14 games and Tomas Plekanec had one goal in his last 20.

3. The Canadiens miss Artturi Lehkonen

Lehkonen left a hole in his absence. The young Fin has three points in 12 games so far this season and has been out with an upper-body injury since November 5th. Fingers crossed that the smiling assassin brings his speed and creativity back to the line-up soon. His defensive presence is a boon for the Canadiens, and his offensive creativity is something they lack at the moment.

4. How many times can we praise Alexander Radulov?

I feel like too much praise still wouldn’t be enough. Watching Alex Galchenyuk and Radulov together is pure magic. Radulov brought some much-needed spunk to the Habs’ room and though there seems to be no rush in re-signing Radulov, I can’t see why it wouldn’t happen.

5. Carolina’s goal reminded us all that Carey Price is, in fact, human.

It was a ridiculous shot, but hey, we’re used to Price stopping everything he can see. Of course we can’t ignore that he made 31 saves and was the catalyst behind the win.

6. Say it with me: Charles. Fricken. Hudon.

I really don’t know what else this kid has to do to prove that he belongs in the NHL. I think most of us can agree that the coaching staff in St. John’s rarely produces high end NHL talent. And yet, even under questionable leadership, Hudon has 14 points in 15 games in the AHL so far this season. He notched an assist in this game, making his NHL total four points in only six games played. Oh, there’s also this nifty little fact:

7. This.

8. Max Pacioretty perked up

Following his fifth of the season, Pacioretty certainly had a spring back in his step. In addition to getting on the board, he rung one off of the crossbar late in the third. Let’s hope this is a sign of things to come and the captain has found his groove again.

9. They broke the losing streak!

Mostly thanks to Carey Price - surprise, surprise - but hey! A win is a win!

10. Here, have a celebratory Mark Barberio mustache picture.

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