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Mid-day Musings: Sunday Sermon

It is time for you here to go to temple to hear the words of wisdom. For your faith in our glorious cause has been lacking.


And the chosen nation looked down from the heights and mocked the tribe from the northwesterly river valley. For they were a people without a history that sought legitimacy and respect by claiming false heritage from those that had inhabited their lands before they were abandoned. And the members of this tribe seemed to be the cast offs of their two more populous neighbours.

But the Habistanis became afraid. For word that this tribe was lead by a mighty young warrior from a far of land. Slight of limb but quick of sinew, he dazzled his foes with his swiftness before striking lethal blows and sported long golden locks of hair that he probably used some kind of cosmetic product in. How could the people hope to withstand them?

They sought the counsel of an old prophet, one that had led the people to promised land for the last time in his youth. He spake "Fear not, for the auspices are in your favour. The people's champions are just as mighty as the foreigner. Does not fell Markov and mighty Subban not hold the Blue? Does not crafty Plekanec, young Galchenyuk and bold Gallagher not spit their defiance into the teeth of their defenses at this very moment? You are stronger than your foe and will hold the balance of the control on the field of engagement. Strike now and you will have victory so long as the Hockey Gods do not look upon you with disdain."

Book of Price, chapter 6, verse 41.

In this passage we return to a one of the book of Price's many lessons. Avoid coveting your neighbour's players, for yours have their strengths. That one player does not make a team. And to take heart whenever you hold the balance of play.

Let us repeat the sacred words: Game on

Game on