Habsent Minded: Where will Mattias Norlinder play next season?

A conversation about the Canadiens’ European prospects, and what’s in store for the WJC.

With the news out of Sweden on Thursday, that Brynäs of the SHL had confirmed their interest in signing Mattias Norlinder for next season, the two Swedes on the Eyes On The Prize team, Anton Rasegård and Patrik Bexell, look at which club could be a good fit for Norlinder next year: the Laval Rocket or an SHL team?

There is also talk about Sweden’s lineup for the World Junior Championship. With Rasmus Sandin, Victor Söderström, and Adam Boqvist available (and after the pod was recorded, the Los Angeles Kings sent down Tobias Björnfot to the AHL), it could be tough for Norlinder to make the team. The first indication will be the roster for the upcoming November tournament.

The tour continues through the European prospects and their strengths and opportunities. Arsen Khisamutdinov, Jacob Olofsson, Alexander Romanov and Jesse Ylönen all get their turn in the spotlight, as the focus for an episode shifts to Europe.

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