Habsent Minded 5.02: What to expect from Juraj Slafkovský and Filip Mešár

Patrik and Hadi discuss the development plans for the 2022 first-rounders.

To discuss the videos about the two new Montreal Canadiens prospects Juraj Slafkovský and Filip Mešár, Hadi Kalakeche joins the podcast for more on the strengths and weaknesses the two players in the system.

Video scouting report: Juraj Slafkovský
Video scouting report: Filip Mešár

We discuss the skating technique of both players and what separates them, even if both have some obvious technical flaws.

Hadi also explains the Slafkovský - Jagr comparison that has been circulating: why it is a relevant comparison, and why it isn’t.

Other subjects that are brought up are the rink sizes in Finland, a Mešár and Jake Evans comparison, and of course a debate on where the two players should play next season. We also answer some questions from readers that came in over Twitter.

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