Canadiens vs. Senators Top Six Minutes: Sens Danault what hit them

Two minutes after Jonathan Drouin tied the game on a penalty shot, Phillip Danault notched the game winner as the Habs topped the Senators 2-1.


  • Oh boy the Senators, the rivalry that isn’t a rivalry but still kind of is.
  • Mark Recchi night at the Bell - good for him.
  • I still have mixed feelings thanks to his accusing the Habs of embellishing an injury when Max Pacioretty broke his neck, but I’ll put that aside for tonight.
  • Recchs looks like he could still snap a few goals in.
  • Gotta love that crowd pop for Saku Koivu.
  • Carey Price in net - the good one, I hope./

First Period

  • WHOA Chucky looks alive!
  • David Schlemko sighting.
  • Oh, Galchenyuk, why?
  • Shorthanded goals are embarassing, and Montreal needs to stop letting Ottawa do this.
  • Deslauriers wants to chuck knuckles.
  • The TCB (Tomas, Charles and Brendan) line is takin’ care of business right now.
  • Shorthanded two-on-one for Ottawa. Can we start declining penalties?
  • Second half of this period has slowed down./

Second Period

  • Shaw takes a penalty to start the frame.
  • Byron getting a rush on the PK, but no goal.
  • Still, a good night for shorthanded specialists...
  • Time for the most exciting play in hockey.
  • Drouin with the penalty shot goal, we got a tie game.
  • That goal woke up the Habs.
  • We’re ahead!
  • Carey Price looks humongous when the play is behind the net and he covers both posts with ease.
  • Charles Hudon is so sneaky with that stick, breaks up a lot of plays.
  • Less subtle with the lumber is Jordie Benn, who gets two for slashing.
  • Carey Price: elite penalty killer.
  • So far, in his first game as a Habs’ defenceman, David Schlemko looks just fine./

Third Period

  • The baby-Habs have lost to the baby-Sens. Hope that’s not an omen.
  • Follow the bouncing puck... off the post (whew!).
  • Finally back in Ottawa territory.
  • PING.
  • Hudon is due for a goal. He’s doing everything but scoring.
  • Damnit - there he goes (Hudon), off to the room after blocking a shot.
  • This one-goal lead is tense.
  • Where did that puck come from?
  • More importantly - where did that Carey Price come from?
  • Hudon is back, and up to his old, excellent self.
  • Carey Price glove save, no extra flair needed.
  • Missed chances on empty nets make me nervous.
  • Three game winning streak!/

Highlight of the night

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