Montreal Canadiens Legends Challenge: Yvan Cournoyer runs out of road

Day 4 sees the departure of another captain as we move toward the greatest legend in Habs history.

There will never be a day without a well-known Montreal Canadiens legend dropping out of the contest. Their individual legend is well-known, and comparisons are unfair yet necessary for the purpose of this eliminator poll. On Day 4 close to 45% of the 700 respondents chose to eliminate “The Roadrunner” Yvan Cournoyer, former captain of the Canadiens and current team ambassador.

Here are some comments:

  • An awesome performer and true class ... but not in the same class as the remaining players.
  • Just too many of the greatest left who were cornerstone players for the Habs.
  • Excellent player. Obviously not the greatest of all time on the Habs./

Two consecutive team captains have now been eliminated, without much argument. Here is a summary of the eliminations thus far:

Now let’s do that Day 5. Time to cast your vote. If you are uncertain who is left in the field, refer to the primer in the first article of this series. Voting cutoff is 11:00 PM EST on Monday.

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