Habs Holiday Wishes

EOTP staff send Santa their last-minute holiday wishes before he hits the road ... er, sky, tonight.

So far, the 2019-20 season has made us happy, sad, excited, frustrated, and confused. You know, the usual. Some of the EOTP staff would like to put good vibes out there for the second half of the season with their Habs holiday wishes.

Santa, if you’re reading this, we’ve been good(ish).


Hey Santa! Boy, have I been a real good boy this year. So if you could make these minor wishes come true, I’d really really appreciate it. My Christmas wish list:

  1. That the continuation of Jonathan Drouin’s resurgence keeps going even after his injury;
  2. A reawakened Jesperi Kotkaniemi;
  3. A functioning penalty kill;
  4. A left-handed D-man;
  5. Fewer dumb penalties;
  6. A functional backup goalie situation;
  7. Carey Price back in a world-class state;
  8. Alexander Romanov’s commitment at the start of next season;
  9. The real Paul Byron back in action;
  10. If a playoff spot is impossible Santa, then please make Lukas Raymond fall to us in the draft.


I wish for Artturi Lehkonen to score a couple of goals and get his confidence back in the offensive zone, and I wish for Lukas Vejdemo to get a couple of games with the big team (even if my wallet doesn’t).

In order to get to a deep playoff run, I do wish that Santa Claus delivers a package with a great first-pairing left defenceman to Marc Bergevin’s fireplace. Preferably free of charge.


My holiday wish is for the Habs and the Rocket to have a healthy remainder of the season! No more injuries and more wins!!


I wish Brendan Gallagher another career year, defence to start playing defence, Price to let a few fewer pucks slip past him (see wish #2), and Lehkonen to start lighting the lamp like a crazy man!


My Christmas wish has nothing to do with the Habs. I would like to wish for the NHL officials to become competent. This includes their performances during Habs games of course, but this wish will benefit every team in the league should it somehow come true.


I wish for the Habs to change their over-reliance on point shots, and encourage their defencemen to move with the puck in the offensive zone, down the wall to open up passing lanes to the slot. I wish for Cale Fleury and Nick Suzuki to continues their rapid progression and establish themselves as top-of-the-lineup players in the next year. I wish for Jordan Weal to play up to his potential.

That or World Peace. Whichever you think is best, Santa.


My wish is that the Habs are able to find more consistency in their game and that they have fewer key injuries in the second half of the season.


Here’s to a 2020 where the Canadiens recognize that the period ends when the clock hits 0:00.00, not 1:00.00. Oh, and that a period starts when 20:00 becomes 19:59, not when 19:00 turns over to 18:59.


There are a lot of people wishing for a Christmas gift for the Canadiens this year. And that’s fine. I see a lot of people wishing for a genuine top-six scorer. Maybe even a top defenceman. Some of these gifts are en route, and will even be on display shortly after Christmas.

However, there’s no use in Russian to open your presents only to find a lump of Cole.

What are your wishes for your Montreal Canadiens for 2020? Share them below!

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