2014-'15 Salary Cap & Contract Visualization (August 2, 2014)

The biggest slice is reserved for PK Subban in the latest visualization of the Montreal Canadiens' salary cap situation.


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After signing an eight-year, $72 million contract, PK Subban possesses the largest cap hit of any player on the roster and the third-highest AAV (first among defencemen) in the NHL for the upcoming season.

Data obtained from CapGeek*.

A public Google spreadsheet containing this cap info and the charts these visualizations are based upon is available here.

*This visualization does not currently include the $925 000 cap hit of Jiri Sekac. Therefore, the Canadiens are shown to have more cap space available here (~$3.6 million) than they are on CapGeek (~$2.7 million).

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