2014-15 Salary Cap & Contract Visualization (October 7, 2014)

A visual guide to how the Montreal Canadiens have distributed their allocated $69 million for the upcoming season.

Habs salary cap contracts opening day 2014

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The Montreal Canadiens enter the 2014-15 NHL season with an opening day cap payroll of about $65.5 million, leaving approximately $3.5 million available for Marc Bergevin and his management staff to work with for player/contract acquisitions. The chart is a projection of how the cap funds will be spent if these players all play a full 82-game campaign.

The size of a slice represents each player's cap hit for the season. Actual salaries for this season may be higher, lower, or equal to that cap hit. For instance, P.K. Subban has a cap hit of $9 million, but he will actually make $7 million in salary this year.

A new visualization will be published each time a trade occurs during the season. I will also upload one for the 2015-16 season once an estimate is released for next year's salary cap, which will likely be announced during the NHL Board of Governors meetings in early December.

Data obtained from CapGeek.

A public Google spreadsheet containing this cap info and the charts these visualizations are based upon is available here.

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