SB Nation Reacts: Montreal Canadiens’ goal song into final four

Every team’s goal song entered the bracket, now just four of them are left standing.

A few weeks ago, SB Nation’s NHL network of sites rolled out a poll for the league’s best goal song. Members of the SB Nation Reacts group (formerly called FanPulse) decided which song was their favourite in a head-to-head bracket.

We are now down to the final four, and the Montreal Canadiens’ goal song is still going strong.

It silenced the New Jersey Devils’ celebration, Howl by The Gaslight Anthem, to start things off. Then it was the creatively named Song 2 by Blur that the Ottawa Senators use falling in the second round. Not even the iconic Jump Around by House of Pain could stop the run, as the Penguins’ song was brought back down to Earth in round three.

We’ve now reached the conference finals of the contest, and Montreal’s opponent is the Detroit Red Wings and the song Battle Cry by Jack White. The Canadiens couldn’t beat the Red Wings on the ice this season, but perhaps they can top them on the billboard.

To vote in this poll and others that will be conducted in the future, be sure to sign up for SB Nation Reacts, formerly known as FanPulse, and have your say. Or just vote in today’s poll with no signup required.

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