Canadiens vs. Panthers Top Six Minutes: Learning Curve

The Canadiens got a good test versus an NHL lineup, and a few of the young players made great impressions under the pressure.

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

Pre-Game Thoughts

As of this moment, your Montreal Canadiens are STILL UNDEFEATED. Let’s relish in that.

First Period

  • We are playing Max Domi as top-line Centre. Cool, fine, nothing ironic about that AT ALL.
  • Florida sent grown-ups, meanwhile most of our roster was born after the last Canadiens Cup win.
  • Price lets one by less than five minutes into the game, it is the Panthers’ second shot on net...
  • That trademark Paul Byron speed is always both fun and dangerous.
  • Okay that second Florida goal should not have been a thing. It was a long off-season for refs as well as players...
  • MONTREAL SCORES! Matthew Peca scores on the power play?!?!/

Second Period

  • Don’t front flip over Price, we get sensitive about that kind of thing here in Montreal.
  • Suzuki looked pretty good on the power play. Brought Maximum effort, Patched some holes.
  • Max Domi just wants Montreal to get some 4-on-4 practice.
  • Lernout looks intimidating. It’s not so much his play as it is his eyebrows though.
  • Carey Price makes the kind of short-handed save that reminds us why we love him. /
  • Paul Byron’s breakaways are in mid-season form.
  • Montreal is getting even more 4 on 4 practice. /

Third Period

  • Max Domi wants a piece of Aaron Ekblad (probably his beard). It feels highly unnecessary and nothing good is going to come from this.
  • Seven minutes is a lot of penalty time to kill but Montreal is doing a pretty good job.
  • Or a Reilly good job, as they get a short-handed chance AND kill off the lengthy PK.
  • Jonathan Huberdeau is exchanging punches with PAUL BYRON. My first question is, why? My second question is, how did he even catch Paul Byron?
  • Florida placed that shot very well, and found the back of Nemo’s net.
  • Niemi thinks he’s Carey Price for a second and decides to go on an out-of-net adventure of his own. It does not end well.
  • Suzuki can do some pretty things with a puck.
  • Peca makes a beautiful play and Scherbak turns it into a goal. More of this please.
  • Scherbak pulls down a Bjugstad mid shot, so it is a credited as a Panthers goal, despite going wide. That is a weird thing that happens.
  • Between the pushing and shoving there was some good hockey in this one./

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