Top Six Minutes: "A few minutes past Midnight" edition

Hello and Welcome to the Top Six Minutes.

  • I don’t know about you but doesn’t Boston feel like a ghost story right now? It’s a rivalry and what a rivalry it has been so far
  • Rivalry? Shouldn’t this be a Wednesday night then?
  • This is my first opportunity to say "I told you so" in regards to a certain player in the Canadiens... /

First Period

  • First TSM of the season, I feel rusty. Next season I need to make sure you get a preseason game to warm up with.
  • Gallagher seems rusty too, damn that high stick.
  • Max and Pleks on the boxplay, is a great act.
  • Doesn’t matter - had Price!
  • See above!
  • Boston commentary: "Price was a little to good!" - Boston always a bit behind in the news.
  • Emelin with the best ‘skater’ play of the first period.
  • and Desharnais works incredibly hard and gets a Boston player sent to the box./

Second period:

  • IN, or NOT? - NOT!
  • PowerKill™ from the last years makes a return...
  • Pastrnak with a sweet dangle. (Heresy, I know!)
  • SCRUM!
  • Defensive awareness by L’Arttiste, probably saved a goal there!
  • Gallagher with a rapid shot, 1-0 good guys!
  • Emelin with his best Alexander Karelin impression. The Crane from Novosibirsk is an old favourite of mine, also nicknames was better before.
  • PowerKill™...
  • I hate the commercials the commentators has to read out while on air... (yeah, its that kind of game)
  • Radulov with sweet moves before setting up a nice finish and goal by Phillip Danault. 2-0!/

Third Period

  • I remind you all; Liam Neeson is around here somewhere...
  • Damn!
  • Puck Out from Emelin, no need to make this game that interesting.
  • Usian Bolt, I mean Paul Byron, takes the puck to the end zone for a shorthanded goal.
  • Ryan Spooner brings the game in close again... 3-2 good guys.
  • The General in action, bringing down a bear after the whistle.
  • This defence from Montreal makes me think of Baghdad Bob...
  • Scory Mitchell makes it 4-2, and gets injured on the play. The Boston commentary is not biases at all for the two minute minor being given.
  • On to the PowerKill™...
  • Radulov gets an embellishment penalty still 5-on-4.
  • Empty net with almost three minutes to go!
  • Marchand goes straight into Price (HORROR!!!)
  • Weber to the box for something.
  • And then Petry joins
  • But Habs escape unscathed, and take a 4-2 win!/


Brendan Gallagher finishes a Max Pacioretty pass with a beautiful one-timer
Phillip Danault scores his first of the year after a beautiful feed from Alex Radulov
Paul Byron’s speed gets him a breakaway and a shorthanded goal
Torrey Mitchell takes a stick to the face and still finishes a backhand

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