Monday Morning Warmup - Where do we go from here?

Three straight losses to divisional opponents have the Habs in a precarious position, where do they go from here?

Three straight losses have a lot of people in Habs land panicking. That the three losses were capped off by a 6-0 bludgeoning against a team the Canadiens are clearly better than just makes it hurt worse. That all those losses gave up points to divisional opponents makes it frustrating beyond belief.

But let's take a moment to remember those games. Aside from the one against Toronto, which was a good old fashioned ass kicking, the Habs lost two games they deserved to win. It's unlikely this streak lasts much longer. This is a good, deep team with a young core of excellent players.

But blowouts are going to happen. Every team experiences them, and there's no game that you learn less about the team you have than a blowout.

But there are likely some adjustments that could be made to make the team better. Do you think anything needs to change immediately? Would you re-insert Ryan White? If so, who do you take out?

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