Mikhail Sergachev Video Montage

A collection of highlights from the Canadiens' top pick in the 2016 NHL draft.

Mikhail Sergachev really lit up the OHL last season. He now sets his sights on the National Hockey League, where it may take him a year or two to crack the lineup, but he has the tools to do so. The Canadiens were not deep in terms of left-shooting defence prospects, so by picking him they made a big addition for the future of the team.

One thing that really stands out is his hands. There aren't many defencemen that can undress other defencemen and goaltenders the way that Sergachev does. He also has a massive clapper that he can completely fool a goaltender with. Offensively, he has very tantalizing upside.

He is quite good defensively as well, but for now, enjoy this video of him making goaltenders unhappy with his skills.

There are never any guarantees, but it seems clear that the Canadiens have gotten one hell of a player in Mikhail Sergachev.

YT : MontrealCanadiens200

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