Mike Felger embarrasses himself once again

You have to give it to Bruins fans, when they grab a narrative, they do everything in their power to stick with it.

It's not secret that this site is a big fan of TSN 690's Conor McKenna. I've interviewed him before and he's a rising star on the radio here who should have his own daily show, but I digress.

Remember last time the Canadiens beat the Bruins and that Mike Felger guy embarrassed himself and Mike Milbury of all people told him he was being biased and crying in his beer? Well before yesterday's game, Felger had Conor on his radio show, and he embarrassed himself again.

Felger attempts to get Conor to adopt his ridiculous joke of an opinion, and Conor continually, easily, calmly rebuts him:

The arrogance and excuse making in the Boston sports media makes last night's double loss by the Bruins just that much sweeter.

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