Mike Cammalleri's Twitter Q &A

Why are we here? Why is the sky blue? If a train is heading south at 200kph, and another is headed north at....?

OK so those weren't any of the questions asked, but Montreal Canadiens winger Mike Cammalleri found himself with some free time for a brief Q &A session on Twitter

In case you missed it, here's a sampling of the questions and No.13's answers.

Q: What is your pre/post game diet?

Cammalleri: I try to eat green veg and protein (beef, chick, fish) organic if possible. Berries for dessert.

Q: if you do take a day off on the good food track, what's your cheat day food?

Cammalleri: Chocolate cake, cookies, bread pudding with chocolate, banana bread...u see the trend.

Q: I'm at Starbucks, what should I get?

Cammalleri: Green Tea

Q: What's the grossest thing you ever ate?

Cammalleri: Tripe

Q: Poutine or smoked meat?

Cammalleri: Smoked meat!

Q: What's wrong w/ OldSchool Hockey Diet: Beer & Chicken Wings?

Cammalleri: You'll be out of the league in three years.

Q:  You available to do odd jobs? Can you fix my dryer? - from CTV's Arpon Basu

Cammalleri: Man up and read the manual.

Q: What goes through you mind when you see your teammates flop to try and draw a call? Should that penalty be called more?

Cammalleri: Don't like diving. Take it out of the game.

and then...

Q: Who is the best agitiator in the NHL

Cammalleri: Lappy (Maxim Lapierre)

Q: What style of curve do u use? Heel curve or Toe Curve?

Cammalleri: Toe curve

Q: Monopoly, Scrabble or Risk?

Cammalleri: Monopoly

Q: If you weren't playing hockey, what other sport would you have liked to play for a living?

Cammalleri: Golf or maybe Golf probably Golf...haha Baseball or if I grew up in Europe soccer.

Q: What's your favorite golf course to play in Ontario?

Cammalleri: The National

Q: Were you much of a ballplayer? What position?

Cammalleri: Shortstop...3rd in the order...pull hitter

Q: Wha'ts your favourite baseball team

Cammalleri: Toronto Blue Jays

Q: What is your favourite band?

Cammalleri: Van Morrison (note: Check out his edition of MTV cribs for his cool VM album collection)

Q: How much excitement does a guy like create in the locker room & how much does he do for the team on ice?

Cammalleri: The kid can flat out play that's what I appreciate so much about him

Q: what is your favorite thing about MTL

Cammalleri: 7:05pm Saturday night

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