Mike Brown's greatest hits

The newest Habs player is pretty good at punching other men in the face, and getting punched back.

Whatever your opinion on fighting in hockey, it is hard to deny the entertainment value that can exist in it. While perusing the internet for highlights of Mike Brown, the newest addition to the Canadiens, I noticed that he has quite the penchant for fisticuffs. Here are some of his greatest hits.

Giving Volpatti the business

Aaron Volpatti learned the hard way that Mike Brown can throw, and ended up leaking a little. Verdict: Mike Brown wins by TKO, referee stoppage.

Brown pokes the bear!!

This one is sure to endear him to the Montreal fans, as he drops the mitts with the Bruins' Kevan Miller. Verdict: Kevan Miller is disqualified for the weird way that he spells his first name.

Who is Tye McGinn, even?

Well I'll tell you who Tye McGinn isn't, a guy that can beat Mike Brown in a fight. Verdict: Mike Brown by unanimous decision.

Tangling with Tootoo

Jordin Tootoo is a pretty tough guy. Mike Brown is probably tougher. The way he's swinging away recklessly it's like he does not care if he breaks every bone in his hand on his opponent's helmet. Verdict: Mike Brown by split decision.

OH MY...

Ever seen Don Frye's fight against Yoshihiro Takyama from PRIDE? Well this was like a shorter version of that, on skates. Insanity. Kris Newbury immediately regretted his decision. Verdict: KO for Mike Brown.

Mike Brown will almost definitely not score a goal tonight. Considering that he's playing against his former team, there is also a pretty good chance that he won't be doing the thing that he's really good at, fighting.

But if what the Canadiens wanted was to go out and get a scrapper who has virtually no regard for his own safety, it looks like they've succeeded.

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