Mid-week Habs links

Is it September yet?

Nope, still a full month and change to go before the Montreal Canadiens open rookie and training camps.

As the hot July days roll on, the Eyes on the Prize crew has been working behind the scenes on an upcoming project that will begin next week.

For your mid-week reading enjoyment, I've dug up a few Habs links that you may or may not have read over the last while.

The Tri-City Herald caught up with up with Carey Price at the annual Olie and Stu's Desert Bash charity golf tournament.

We've noted here how P.K. Subban has had a busy summer. Canadiens.com had a feature today, recapping his summer thus far.

In the meantime, Tim Thomas, who referred to Subban as a travesty to the game, is capitalizing on his Stanley Cup success. Seriously, would you pay this much for a Thomas autograph, and not even in person?

On the topic of autographs/sports memorabilia, here's how a guy regrets selling his prized hockey collection, including a Guy Lafleur rookie card. Show of hands to those who tossed away, sold, or put now high dollar hockey cards through their bike spokes.

Vote for Mathieu Darche !!!

Lafleur, Maurice Richard, and Denis Savard make this FOX News list of the most exciting hockey players of all time.

The five best Habs goalies, since the Patrick Roy era.....discuss.

Steven Hindle on how Erik Cole should insulate the Habs offense.

Eric Engels with some observations, in 10-point format.

A Montrealer's Journey to the CWHL

McLean's Pub is hosting a golf tournament to support MD research.

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