Mellanby Added to Habs Office and Other Links

Marc Bergevin is quickly building his management team within the Montreal Canadiens. Having already brought on Bobby Kinsella and Rick Dudley last week the rookie GM added Scott Mellanby as the team's Director of Player Personnel.

It looks to be a good match for the Canadiens, as Mellanby brings over 20 years experience as an NHL player, and has worked his way through management as an advisor, scout and assistant coach over the last five years. NOt to mention he was a Habs fan stuck in the GTA, much like Chris Boyle and myself. You gotta respect that alone!

Prior to his front office work, Mellanby made some appearances on Hockey Night In Canada, during their Hot Stove segments int the fall of 2007. This was the period when it was Ron McLean and one, maybe two guests (Mellanby, Sean Burke and later P.J. Stock, and not the babbling back and forth that is more common on the current version, which evolved a matter of months later.

Mellanby likely got the gig through his dad, longtime HNIC producer Ralph Mellanby, but he came across as a well thought speaker. Fans may have found the one on ones rather dull, hence the more frequent use of less informed but highly opinionated ratings grabber Mike Milbury. A clip of Mellanby and Stock debating hits in the NHL comes after the jump.

An excellent read is Dave Stubbs interview with Hal Gill, who is back in Montreal until his kids finish up school. Maybe longer?? HIO also has a transcript of the interview. Bad news for the Gazette and HIO mother-ship however, as PostMedia slashes jobs. The Gazette's Kevin Mio tweeted "Never heard this newsroom so quiet. Not a good feeling at all." The EOTP crew is keeping their figures crossed for the boys.

Friend of the site Robert Rice takes reader questions on Habs prospects.

Chris Boucher is busy analyzing the draft picks, but last week he looked at the individual giveaway percentages by the Canadiens.

You may or may not have seen Mike Boone's recent writeup, asking who the mystery player was on Mario Tremblay's rookie card. Robert Lefebvre and myself had no problem identifying him as Gord McTavish. That card flub was one of many in the 70's.

A quick shout-out to my friend, author and Habs fan Waxy Gregoire. Waxy already has one book written on the life of Canadiens defenceman Bert Corbeau, and will be releasing the biography on his longtime friend and Chicago Blackhawks legend Pierre Pilote. The book will be released in the fall of 2013 through ECW Press.

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