Max Pacioretty suffers another freak injury

I'm not sure what Pacioretty did to anger the hockey gods, but he's lucky he has the powers of Wolverine.

Last night while at the game, I saw Pacioretty go down in a heap. I wasn't sure what had happened, and after the game with friends, the speculation was that maybe he jammed his wrist or hurt his ribs.

Turns out that a skate somehow got past Pacioretty's chest protector and he suffered a deep cut to his ribs. What is with this guy's luck?

First he needs an emergency appendectomy, then Mikhail Grabovski attempts to give him rabies, now a skate cut to the ribs.

Pacioretty's extremely fast health regeneration courtesy of being a mutant should help him get back pronto, but considering the risk for infection and that skating could open stitches in the rib area, it wouldn't be surprising to see Pacioretty miss a game or two, maybe as much as a week.

I say this and of course Pacioretty will play tomorrow because he's Max Pacioretty.

There has been no update yet on the injuries to Colby Armstrong, Alexei Emelin, or Brendan Gallagher, although Gallagher's was the only one that looked serious.

Update: Pacioretty is currently at practice for the Habs, so expect him to play on Monday. Wolverine, man. Holy crap.

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